Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hagar The Horrible... Viking

Nevada senator Harry Reid, the Standard Bearer of the Deliberately Senseless, has forgotten to take his medication again, stumbling to the Senate floor to denigrate the 
mighty Washington Redskins.

Ignorant and brain-damaged from being beaten so many times about his cranium as a young boxer, Harry Reid took to the floor of the Senate to condemn as "racist" the long honored name of the NFL's Washington, DC team, "The Redskins".

Reid's made a habit of exposing himself as an incompetent fool, for a year or so now, 
causing Nevadans statewide to question his sanity, and question their decision to vote for him in '10 though not again, in 2016.

But more than enough about that retarded dementia patient.  
I want to talk here about the most


Unlike the Washington Redskins, which can, and DO, reflect men and women of every race,
The Minnesota Vikings reflect ONLY REPRESENT Blond, Blue-eyed, Nordic men.

My question is 'Why aren't Latinos, Indians, Blacks, Asians, Cubans, and even Jews
boycotting Minnesota's racist Vikings?

By definition, Vikings can only be Nordic blonds; short, angry blond guys. Rapists, Plunders, Pillagers, but you can sure see them at night because of their ultra light skin~!

It's as if the owner of the team had selected "Minnesota Arabs" as the official team name.


I know a handful of Black Choctaws, love them all~, 
and to say about oneself that "I'm part Indian..." is a source 
of one-up-manship in a crowd, a solid source of pride.  

I remember some Mexican reader who once tried to tell me here at the LMC, that Choctaws were really Mexicans, and indeed all 'native' Indians were Latino. And Latinos were Indians too.
Likewise, according to Mormon theology, 
and therefore Harry Reid's stated religion, 
Native Americans were the descendants of Hebrews from early Israel.

The notion that part or all American Indians are of Hebrew descent is still popular among members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church, Mormons) as they interpret the Book of Mormon—a volume the LDS Church considers both historical and sacred in nature. In its pages we learn of three relatively small parties (the Jaredites, the Lehites, and the Mulekites) that left their native homeland in the Old World at different times and through divine guidance traveled to a new Promised Land on the American continent.

Unlike the Vikings, who came exclusively from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden, where there were no other skin tints than Pinkish white.

I demand that the owner of the Minnesota Vikings, Zygi Wilf (rhymes with Milf) change his team's Racially Offensive name in order to better reflect the racial identity of something-- else-- than totally White invaders.

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

Getting Wilf (rhymes with Milf) to change his teams name is like carrying a bloc of ice through hell and having it come out the same size it went in. Ain't gonna happen.