Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Here's To You, Mrs. Pratt, Thank You for Your Wonderful Spirit

Wanda Pratt was honored last night by her middle son in a nationwide broadcast from Brick Town, Oklahoma.  

Wanda is the mother of Kevin Durant, the Most Valuable Player for 2013–14, in the National Basketball Association, 
a player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, 
and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

Wanda Pratt, what an inspiration to everyone, I hope that you read this someday, somehow, because we all need more mothers like you, ma'am, and more industrious young men like the three sons which you raised as a single mother.

Wanda Pratt received an early Mother's Day present on Tuesday that was better than any flowers, candy or cards she will receive on Sunday.

The NBA awarded Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant with this season's Most Valuable Player award. 
In a lengthy, tearful and poignant ceremony, Durant thanked 
his family members, every single teammate from Russell Westbrook to little-known Grant Jerrett, the entire Thunder coaching staff and organization, Oklahoma City and The Daily Oklahoman newspaper for calling him "Mr. Unreliable."

Rather than make the speech about himself, Durant continued to be every bit as selfless as he’s been throughout his career by making the speech about everyone who has helped him.

He went through each of his teammates one-by-one and thanked them individually for what they’ve done for him and shared what they meant to him. He thanked all of his friends personally. He thanked everyone on the assistant staff. He thanked his coaches and front office. 

And then the tears really came when he thanked his mother Wanda, for being the true MVP for raising him and his brother despite being a single mom with two children at 21.

The true emotion and the genuine gratitude Durant demonstrated, made the speech incredibly special.

Wanda Pratt has a website, where she can be contacted for inspirational talks, at .

The video of Durant's acceptance speech is on YouTube or ESPN or SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

(*aside, that just made my two,
increase in value 100 percent)

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