Tuesday, May 27, 2014

His NDN Name Would Be "Rotten Fish Breath"

"Otéo'tah Nes Chalabak'ko", in Choctaw. 
That's our AlGore:  Rotten Fish Breath.

Oh, the seventeen quadrillion times that I've been told "I've got a little Indian in me,"
and OH, the seventeen quadrillion times that I've wanted to say, "Well, set him free".

This is a photograph of former Tennessee Senator Al Gore, Sr., showing little AlGore how to aim and shoot a bow.  
Nothing wrong with that, bow hunting is a growing sport in America.

It is the headband and the paper feather that I have a serious problem with, and I think that current Senate Leader and Society Page debutant Harry Reid ought to denounce as blatant racism against the Red man, typical Democratic racism.

You don't get to wear a feather, until you have proven yourself as a warrior, as a (young) Man, as a coming leader within the tribe.  The feather has meaning, that you have risen above your mortal self, your strata to become a leader among Men.

It is Offensive to me, and I want many apologies. Now.  

Algore, Jr. is nothing more than a waste of breath, good oxygen; he's an unnecessary carbon footprint which should be wiped away with any available branch of leaves, leaving no trace of his ever being here.
His knowledge of our mother Earth, her ways, only fills a teaspoon.  And he's not much of a individualistic man either. 

Algore, Jr. would be the laughingstock of any/all
Indian tribes that I'm familiar with. 

So there.

He's probably a dues paying member 
of the well known "Wannabe" Indian tribe.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Last I heard, the "Wannabe" tribe is the fastest growing tribe in America. Gosh, how scary.

The Local Malcontent said...

"Manbearpig" wants to declare himself Chief, too.