Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nigerian Girls Kidnapping Is
Being Used By Zerobama Regime
As A Distraction From Benghazi

Like Clockwork, the Zerobama administration has Zeroed in on some abstract terrorism abroad to draw away the nation's attention from their Failure in the Benghazi terrorism attack on September 11th, 2012.
Away even, from our current, shameful state of affairs 
with our BFFME, Israel.

Even the former Secretary of State, Shrillary Clinton–Benghazi has chosen to speak up about this tragedy, highlighting this abomination while ignoring the tragedy that she is mostly responsible for.

Islamists hold dear to slavery, their 'unholy' book endorses slavery.  
It is NOT such a surprise, except to those who choose to ignore Islam and Islamic slavery, Islamic history, and Islamic terrorism.

Two hundred little girls kidnapped.  About to be raped.  Maybe murdered.

Like their pedophile prophet Mohammad did, when, 
at age 53, he married six–year–old Aisha, 
and mated with her, when she was just a nine year old– –
to be bound for life, in Islamic slavery.
Nothing new here, except to the ignorant, ruling class here in America, former hippies all,

for whom, History began this morning.

And the Zerobama Administration is not just idly standing by.... they have begun a fierce Twitter campaign, and YOU CAN HELP BRING THESE GIRLS BACK TO SAFETY,
by tweeting #bringbackourgirls .

How pathetic, how impotent is our Zerobama and Clinton–Benghazi.

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