Thursday, May 22, 2014

OMG, I Am "4% Socialist"

Get me some some aspirin and disinfectant, stat!

Took a political party quiz to find out the obvious:

(The socialist part of me comes from my support of farm subsidy programs for small,
independent farmers and dairies.) 


Mike said...

Great minds, all that. According to the date on the URL I saved in my "work" folder, I took the test the 14th and was meaning to post my results on my blog or Facebook page.

My results:

Republicans 86%
Libertarians 69%
Green Party 27%
Democrats 27%
Socialist 3%

I would've figured the numbers had to add up to 100%, seems like it would be a contradiction in places, but....

Pretty close to yours all said and done, although I expected a little bit higher on Libertarian and a lot less on Democrat on my score. I did expand a little on a few questions and maybe my degree of importance is what gave me more on the Democrats.

Part of my score for the Dems might have been w/ gay marriage, although I do remember I am for civil, it's a matter of semantics. My support for "gay rights" has lessened somewhat with all their histrionics...I shouldn't let my beliefs waver, but I'm growing weary of their incessant shrieking.

When Tim Tebow announced he was a Christian, he was ridiculed. When Michael Sam came out, he was celebrated. I have a big problem with that right there.

I'm not against farm subsidies, per se, but they should only be done on the state level, not federal. I've got a great link to a farm subsidies database (which you can surely find if you like) that will give you information on who in what state/county is collecting them. I really turned against them when I found out a rich guy I grew up with who has dozens and dozens of gas wells on his land is taking subsidies for doing nothing more than watching his grass grow. It was close to a thousand bucks/month over the last several years, plus he gets other types. He doesn't need it for one, and another is he's not supposed to be grazing that pasture, but does. I certainly don't believe in subsidizing rich bastards for any reason, no matter what they do for a living.

I can't remember specifics, but prob. part of my higher Democrat score is about the abortion issue. I'm against it, but it IS the law of the land and that ship has sailed, never to return. Both Bush presidents had the chance to help change that w/ their SC nominations, but the chickensh*t Republicans in Congress allowed Teddy Kennedy to use the abortion "litmus test" on the nominees.

Of course, the odds are I'll never have to make that decision, but I'm one of those "rape, incest, life of the mother" qualifiers. If I were King, I certainly wouldn't allow it as birth control. I slo see nothing wrong with putting restrictions on it and it's beyond my comprehension why people who are "pro-choice" celebrate that they CAN abort a human being. It should be a sad, sad thing and not mentioned unless needed.

The environment is important to me, but I'm pro-fracking and energy development and think man-made climate change is mostly a scam. We *might* be changing the climate, but we definitely need more data and some honest and impartial scientists gathering and interpreting it. Govt. has done more to retard the advancement of green energy than the other way around. Let private industry develop it, tax credits perhaps, but absolutely no subsidies.

I have no clue as to why I'm even 3% Socialist. That small number is prob. the hair on my butt, I reckon...dingleberries.

Mike said...

Oh, I found the reasons why on the Socialist one - it had to do w/ drug laws. Prohibition hasn't been working, didn't for alcohol, won't for drugs. Doesn't mean I'm FOR drug use, just that our War on Drugs isn't working.

(Or the War on Poverty, the War on Terror, the War on...well, you name it, I'm sure it's not working esp. if the govt. is in charge)

It was also a question on PACs and political spending where I sided w/ the Socialists.

Would take too long to go through the Dems and Green Party. Maybe later.