Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Ruling Caste Awakens

It’s impossible to implement voter ID, so say the Liberals...

And if you do it’s racist because poor people are black, so says the left. 
And if you make something that might ever so slightly require a modicum of effort, there goes their voter base.

Quite an astonishing admission.



Narenda Modi has swept into power in India behind a populist wave of hope and change.  
But not the kind of hope and change controversial leader, Barack Zerobama promised; no, instead, Mr Modi is pro business and promises to usher in new, lower taxes and job creation throughout the subcontinent, with its billion plus population.

It seems that the former, ruling National Congress Party there, which had controlled India's government for nearly all of its postcolonial history, had begun to be seen as the sham that it was, keeping India's citizenry far below the poverty level of even that country, in order to maintain their dependency upon the NCP nanny state.
Beginning to smell familiar??
For decades, the National Congress party’s trademark initiatives have been redistributiveand the party introduced a package of major subsidies for the poor before the election.

Voters, however, proved to be more captivated by Mr. Modi’s promise to create manufacturing jobs, which he has done quite successfully in Gujarat, the state he has governed since 2001.

Now, did you know that every eligible voter (over 1 billion) has a voter I.D. card?
Yeah, something that our 'ruling caste Class' 
of Democrats says is "racist" or at least unfeasible in the United States.  
What the Libtard Democrats are really saying is, that if every voter had to prove their identity in order to vote, they could be the next party to be swallowed up under a tidal wave of honest election results here.

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