Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This Probably Means That
the Sooners Go 12 and O Next Season

From left, Utah Senator Mike Lee, candidate T.W. Shannon, 
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

I hope the tall guy wins the Oklahoma Senate Republican primary on June 24!
I hope the lady with the OU Tshirt is a sign that 
the Oklahoma Sooners win the national championship in '14.
I hope the chubby guy in the black suit becomes
the Senate leader next January.
I hope the Senator from Texas becomes our next American President in 2017.

Sarah Palin wearing an OU Tshirt... isn't that the ultimate fantasy of about 400,000 or so
of us Okie men?  As for my fantasy, Sarah, wearing that OU shirt, 
loading our two 30.06 carbines, in our Southeast Oklahoma bearhunting camp.

(on a side note, I dare Texan Ted Cruz to put 
on an OU Tshirt and pose for a photo....)

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