Saturday, May 3, 2014

Guest Blogger This Weekend
Pat MacGoon

Today's post is written by Guest Host Blogger, 
Pat MacGoon, 
a uh, rather influential friend of mine.

Hullo, I'm Patty MacGoon, and I have sumthin to say to yous.

You people been treating us less fortunates like children, like chairitys, 
an we hates it. yeah, we really hates it and all of you who lookin down on us 
unforfort;unates.  Us neardowells, us lessthans.
I got a 18" long, plummers wrench, 
wide to accomadate the biggest fittings, that i wanna tuch yer skull with, I wanna tuch alotta pergressives heds wid it in fact.

I used to be like all uv yous, moore normal than now, back in 2thousan2. buyt you forced me to change, you forced men like me to becum part uf the battle aganst yous, and now thishis what you see. Theres more like me than yous kin imagine, we are everwhere. in america. in yur town too.

we seeth wid broiling anger inside, becus you toook America away, the america that we relied on fore our futur--  for our childrens futur too, you toook it away to be political correkt, ansd fore equalitie.

Equalitiey fore, equalitiey of whut?  Sum over the others.>?  Thats whut it seems like to us goons.
we now have to wurk 2wice as hard to make the samsum of incomme we did only years ago.

Get rid of this bunch of pillos in congress who aint got the balls to standup for Americans rights first, everyboddies elwses second, or 3hird.        ill show yous how...

we don have a long time to wate, meat is gettin scarce like wurk, like toilit papr in Venswhala, i hear.

Ar Us gobrment is triing to stompp on you an me. 
next will be the truckrs what deliver our foods intoo ar towns 
an our citys.  Look fur dis to happan dis year startin dis year.

We aint got alldat much time lef to us, 
rise up NOW in protestt/

*another 800,000 workers dropped from the American emplohyment rolls.-royce, 
las mohnth, damnyouZerobama, Goons now*

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