Thursday, May 29, 2014

"... A Vortex of Instability".

CNBC Moderator: "Name one country, with whom we have better relationships with today, than when he became President of the United States, almost six years ago?"

Moscow reporter: "I, well, the uh, you would naturally want to say 'Europe', but the uh, generally the relationship with a lot of European countries has gotten worse, because of these, uh, relationships.

(unintelligible gibberish, both sides)

Moderator: "I'm asking you to gimmee, one country where they've (U.S. relationships) have gotten better...?"

Dweeb Reporter, nodding up and down: "Yeah, I think you'd be hard pressed to find that. And the reason is that our allies are becoming confused. Now, you have a Presidency, that for the last six years, is pulling out, very rapidly, and that is creating a kind of a 'pump action', a vortex of instability, that has left allies like Saudi Arabia, like Egypt, like even some European countries, uh, very confused; "Are we going in, are we pulling out, uh are we leading, are we trying to set the agenda, and I think that has been a lot of frustration, so uh, in terms of the foreign policy objectives laid out at West Point, Yes, he talked about ending these two unpopular wars, but, ...
right now we have a black hole in Syria, Iraq is in a state of collapse, Libya is about to go back into a civil war, this is uh, the one case where we intervened militarily..

My Gosh, is this the 'clean slate' candidate that Teddy Kennedy endorsed for president in 2008, because of his talent for bringing all sides together?

The Kennedy family continues to poison American politics, continues to destroy Americans, from beyond the grave.  

I have found a long article detailing the urgency of and need for, Teddy's endorsement of a candidate in the 2008 Democratic Primary run between Hillary and Barack. 

The back and forth of which, the give & take, the donation$ given by, all for Teddy's coveted endorsement....

will shock you, will nauseate you, will revulse you.

All this Zerobama torment, is the fault 
of Teddy Kennedy.

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