Friday, June 13, 2014

20 Years On, May They Have Found Rest

 Doesn't seem like twenty years has passed since that tragic night for Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman, but it has.  I think that saying something like "now that makes me feel old," would be crass, considering that neither Nicole nor Ron can say that today~  How their family members wish that these two victims could say that today...

I wrote one other time, about O.J. Simpson, upon his Nevada conviction for kidnapping and theft.  While he's been in the news again lately, he is not worthy of anyone's time or effort to blog about.
Here's part of what I wrote about him, in September 2007:

I think O.J. Simpson is the real deal, if you know what I mean. Like everyone else in America, I watched the CourtTV coverage of that abomination of a murder trial in 1995. And like 72% of America, I concluded he was guilty, too. But I do see how Johnny Cochran and the rest of the Dream-Team tore up the evidence to such a point that the jury found a 'reasonable doubt'.

Since those days, Mr. O. J. Simpson has been treated like the social pariah that he is.

O. J. Simpson said recently, "Nice people don't go around getting themselves knifed to death."

The Localmalcontent in turn, sums up the man, saying this:

O. J. Simpson is an African-American
Man, who once played professional football
Until he retired. A beguiling smile, he did movies, TV ads too-
Running through airports to reach a rent-a-car desk- HERTZ!
Dashing and suave, O. J. was everywhere,
Even Monday Night Football on ABC, where he, among three,
Remarked on the plays and players of the game.
Everything seemed to be going his way, until he felt
Rejection from his battered ex-wife.


Blake Patterson said...

OJ won't never get out of prison, he will die there where he should. As a boy I admired him on the football field. I wanted to have his agility and speed. My family watched his murder trial back then like you did and always believe that he did the murders of his wife and that man.

The Local Malcontent said...
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