Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hey, Barack, Ho's Yu Momma?

Revisited again, this LMC blog post, from June 9, 2010:

Widely & well known, 1960's,
 Hawai'in  EZ Piece of ass,  Stanley Anne Dunham, mother of bastard son, Barack H.O.

Hawai'i was such a hedonistic haven in the 20th Century, those warm, sultry, often nude beaches to offer the sailors and airmen stationed there, not to mention African and Icelandic students coming, eager
there, earnestly eager,
, for unsurpassed convivial knowledge ing

The temptation  for such unbridled, sexual indulgence must have been TOO MUCH for Stanley Anne Dunham.  Her youthful, womanly yearnings became indulgences into Whoredom at an early age.
Stanley Anne, an unwanted 'female child' by her parents, as demonstrated by her given name, "Stanley",
was at first a parental slap-in-her-face-Insult.
Her parents gave her a strictly Male name, implying what?? Obviously just the beginning of their many, generational disappointments.

fu**ing what?  You're pregnant by who, by a what?," Stanley Anne's intolerant, libtard father must've screamed,
at some point.
Mr. Dunham was obviously a man of the 1930s Midwest,
so he'd have asked that somewhere to daughter Stanley...

And keep in mind, Abortion was not legal in Hawai'i yet,
in 1962, and altogether unknown in Kenya, where women gave birth regularly to babies while squatting down amid cactuses, or beets, or whatever.

No, Miss Dunham was a well known and accomplished whore in Honolulu in the very early 1960s.  She once tried printing a calling card, which she would leave at Adult bars, at Dairy Queens, laundrymats and bus stops,
begging for men to screw her ( SOMETIMES SHE WOULD EVEN OFFER TO PAY THEM~!).

Little, ugly, unloved Barack Hussein was the unwanted result of momma Stanley's passion for a,
any man.  One such ugly African man, once, named Barack, Senior....

"It" (her desperation) shows, from her later life, more obviously than her former life,
that Stanley Anne Dunham was just another, less-than-average, college town whore.

It Is A Sad Life, to be sure, and most assuredly, a life leading to generational despair and to regret. There is no doubt, that Stanley Anne Dunham Obama Soetoro Smoot Himes Kennedy Jackson Kennedy Clinton Kennedy, died in bereft embarrassment more than the Cancer that gratefully, took her.

Such a sloven whore, Stanley Anne Dunham Et. Al. was throughout her life, up until her death.

Given that such characteristics generally skip a generation, I'd surmise that any grandchildren
of Stanley Anne's would also be likely wanton whores sometime in their early lives, given their ugliness and mamaw's sultry ways.


Mike said...

I stumbled across those photos back before the 2008 election when I was doing my due diligence research on all the candidates. I was sure I wasn't going to vote for a Dem, but thought it only fair to see if there WAS a Democrat candidate that matched my views. (there wasn't)

I forget where, but someone did a fair job of trying to prove that those weren't of Obama's momma, but not nearly enough to convince me for sure. It IS an established fact that she had a penchant for black Marxists, though. I'm fairly certain that Obama's real daddy is Frank Davis.

Barack Hussein Obama - the first black president, the first Marxist president and the first president who is, both literally and figuratively, a S.O.B.

The Local Malcontent said...

I'm glad you have the courage to speak up, commenting, buddy.

It's high time we expose this total liar for the crook that he is, that he's always been. In so doing, maybe saving America for other, opportunistic liars from Chicago.