Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This is the only known joke in the world, about 'houseflies'.
Are You Ready for It?  
Got a flyswatter at the ready?  Ok, Here goes:

A boy said to his father, "Father, you know, yesterday I saw five house flies among which three were male and two female."
Father:  "Son, how did you know how many were males and how many were female?"
Son:  "Because three were roaming around a whisky bottle whereas two around the mirror."

Well, uh, this joke rocks the house in Hindu circles....       I suppose.

Here's 100 true, bizarre facts you probably didn't know about houseflies ( I sure didn't know or care)

(this post prompted from meeting, then killing the stupidest, unluckiest housefly in history this morning.  It lighted upon the end of a cigarette, at the instant I lit the end of said cig.)


Mike said...

Good grief, I hate flies. We've had some rainy weather lately and they love to land on me right before the storm. I don't know where they go during and afterwards, but it seems like they're most annoying right before it rains.

That fact about them jumping backwards when taking off is true, first told to me by a native Oklahoman/Indian science teacher I used to have, the smartest man I ever have known.

Used to work with an older man who called everyone "Horsefly", wouldn't bother to learn any of the crew's names. We were eating our lunch one night when I leaned over to him and started going "Buzz buzz buzz". He looked at me funny and I kept doing it. He finally said I was getting on his nerves and why was I doing it? I told him his calling everyone "Horsefly" got on my nerves and that I was doing it because horseflies buzzed around horse's asses.

The Local Malcontent said...

Fantastic! that was sure funny!
Thanks for the laugh, Mike!