Saturday, June 21, 2014


(or like Al Gore's 'Climate Science')

My DOB:  January 11, 1969.
My Ruling Planet:  Saturn, but Uranus makes me crazy... LOL~!

A 'Capricorn'.  Why can't everyone be a Capricorn? 
Capricorns seem to be perfect in every way.

lovingly lifted from
(the Australians Know these Things, ya see) :
  • You are sometimes shy and lack self confidence and self-esteem.
Few people are as practical and as ambitious as a Capricorn. 

Yours is the tenth sign, an earthy element, which makes you down to earth and matter-of-fact. Caution is your second name and this is due to Saturn, your ruling planet. You are sometimes shy and lack self confidence and self-esteem.I've never met a Capricorn who was afraid of hard work in order which to achieve what they want in life. You are ambitious and go for your dreams and usually end up successful. You like money but not if it involves risk. You prefer to know exactly where your dollars and cents are going. You prefer traditional types of savings.

  • Others do not generally see you as too enthusiastic but when people get to know you, you do have a side to your nature which is humorous and affectionate. You like to work quietly and effectively without creating too much bother or attention to yourself.

  • You are emotionally cool so you don't warm to people that easily until you get to know them. Once you get closer you start to feel comfortable with them. Suspicion is one of the chief traits of Capricorn and when you meet people for the first time it is your way of displaying maturity by not jumping the gun. You like to understand what another person is really about.

  • You are a big thinker even though you work methodically and practically by taking your time to achieve what you set out to do. You never like airy, fairy concepts and only work on ideas which will vouch safe your financial and material security in the future. You are not a clock watcher when you work because you believe in doing a job right the first time round. You also hate wasting time. 

  • You are frugal, resourceful and hard working. Commitment is natural to you which is why, as I said earlier, you are likely to be successful in anything you attempt.

  • Not all Capricorns are supported in their lives so you learnt from an early age how to be self sufficient and to make it alone. You know exactly how to achieve your ambitions by yourself. Your primary philosophy is that self sufficiency is strength so you do not like to ask others to carry you. This also has a basis in the fact that you like to take full credit for what you achieve.

  • "Expect the worst but hope for the best" is a saying that I have often heard many Capricorns repeat. Basically you are very level-headed and don't expect things to happen overnight. People admire the way you work because you are motivated by your ambitions but also like to perfect your work and do it properly. You can always be relied upon to help others and not cut corners.
A traditional life style appeals to you because you like things in their place and need to be in control. Because of this you are not always the most exciting person to be around but you are extremely loyal and will never let anyone down when you give them your word. It does not seem to bother you that others see you as less adventurous. The name of the game to you is living life on your own terms rather than compromising.

  • Sometimes others make the mistake of thinking you are elitist. They get the sense you are looking down on them but this is not so because you are actually a very generous person with both your money and your time and if the cause is a worthy one there are fewer who are as generous as you.
  • Due to your cautious and meticulous mind you are a wonderful judge of character and can easily see through the BS. You are aware of the consequences of partnership both commercially and personally and are absolutely committed to your word.

  • If others get to know you they will understand that you are a very trustworthy, dependent, punctual individual that you can always be counted on to fulfil their needs and help them if the occasion arises.

  • In money matters you are extremely hard to deal with and are sometimes seen as being overly materialistic. Although you do drive a hard bargain your integrity always steers your course in life.

  • You have an incredible capacity to withstand the blows of life and even if times get tough your resilience and dedication is second to none. You gain greater strength than others from whatever misfortune occurs. You are like the steel under the blacksmith's hammer, getting stronger with every blow!

  • Your token is the Goat which shows just how capable you are of reaching the heights of any mountain. Your success is likely to occur later in life but when it does, you share what you have with others. You like measuring your success through what you have.
  • You expect people to be just as trustworthy as yourself. If you accept a responsibility you do so with full commitment. You always demand the same level of integrity from anyone you deal with both in the work place and at home.

  • You are sure to scale the heights of success and due to your keen focus, discipline and concentration your ruling planet Saturn insures a great deal of success, power and happiness. Capricorn stands for courage and achievement after a long and tedious effort.
Have a good laugh, & then go have *yourselves a nice weekend*, OK?

* You Virgos go and have yourselves a cold shower, and then to bed early.


Anonymous said...

"You are sure to scale the heights of success..."

...though you may find that your definition of success has been entirely your own all along.

I'm a Capricorn too.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I was born under the sign of Libra, which represents the element of air, or the intellect. I am most definitely a thinker — I like to use my mind to tackle problems. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, which refers to relationships of all sorts and my connection to the world around me.

People know me as someone who loves to socialize. I have an outgoing nature and a love of communicating brilliant ideas to people around me is one of my strengths. I am rarely at a loss for words … even on my worst day I have the gift of the gab!

I not only have the ability to share my ideas in a very natural way; I also have charm in the way I convey my feelings. This is another of my very positive traits. Even people who don’t agree with what I have to say can’t resist me and will usually behave well around me — I am simply a nice person.

My love of communication makes me an excellent mediator and negotiator. Coupled with the fact that I am always reasonable in the way I deal with people, this means my friends and co-workers can always depend on me having a balanced viewpoint, even in the fiercest of arguments.

In fact, if there’s a problem with me, it comes out of the fact that I am so good at seeing all the sides of a problem and staying impartial. This makes it hard for me to commit to one side of an argument — I don’t want to be seen as biased, and I want everyone to like me!

What ends up happening is that the way I get everyone’s approval is by agreeing with everyone. This is not a good idea, because I am agreeing to things for the wrong reasons: to keep everyone on my side, rather than because I am firmly committed to something. Try not to do this, because it can mess up your dealings with people. I don’t need to bend over so far just to be accepted.

Making decisions is an area in which I excel, but again, I don’t jump to conclusions simply to please others. I have the ability to look at all sides of an issue, so I use it. Sometimes I get stressed if I feel I am being obstructed somehow. The answer is to get all the relevant facts; running off and asking others to support me will just confuse things.

And anyway, if I look inside myself I’ll realize that I can rely on my own experiences. I don’t need to use others as a crutch for my decisions.

When I get to know people, I am perfectly comfortable sharing my feelings with them, and I’ll go to some trouble to make them feel at ease. I create harmony in my environment to match the harmony in my character.

I have to stop here because this is making me sick. I had no idea I was so awesomly perfect. have a great day as you bask in the glow of my perfection.

The Local Malcontent said...

YOU both make me scream with laughter~

I might've expected that from you, Kevin; I do really like the way you think, and write.

And Bishop, for the life of me I have such trouble remembering when your birthday is... now I will have a gentle reminder, you Libra you.

Is that short for Libraty?

Love ya both~