Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Just like Voting "Present"-
Whose Side Are We On?

So let me try and get this straight:  America is sending 300 Special Forces troops back to Iraq, to train and advise Iraqi forces, crumbling in the face of battle with ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria).  These bad dudes are also the same ISIS which America is supporting next door in Syria, where they are called the 'resistance' against President Bashar Assad?

And help me understand this too:  Controversial leader Barry Zerobama wants the overthrow of Mr. Assad of Syria by ISIS, while yesterday when he announced the limit of American assistance, he admonished the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to try to be more inclusive in his governance, between the Sunnis and the Shias?

All this stunning brilliance from the mind of Zerobama, the same Nobel Peace Prize winner (2009) who instigated the Arab Spring, toppling Egypt's long-time leader Mubarak in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the murder of Libya's Qaddafi ?

Iran is propping up Syria's regime, and is firmly the foe of ISIS... and now, Iran is entering Iraq to battle ISIS there. At least that is visibly consistent; Zerobama's foreign policy is at best incoherent.
Iran will be the big winner in all of this, of course:  It will topple the Iraqi government, install it's own leadership, selected by the Ayatollah, and ~viola~! Iran will be that much closer to ISRAEL.

Zerobama is the ultimate liar in everything he does:  He has been an Iranian sycophant all the while, or is doing the bidding of Valerie Jarrett, his trusted, Iranian advisor.  For all his praise of his daddy, Barack Sr., who was against "colonialism", and wanting to walk in his pacifist footsteps and all, looks like Junior really loves playing "regime change" and pure colonialism.

OHH~! I get it now:  Zerobama is only against American/British Colonialism....

It sure seems to me that he is doing everything in his power to assist creating that worldwide Islamic Caliphate.

Maybe the only real objection that Zerobama has against President Bush and the Iraq war is that Bush really tried to set up an Iraqi democracy, thereby delaying the onslaught of 
the Muslims' colonialism.

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