Friday, June 6, 2014

New and Unproved

If you have been wondering whatever happened to your Local Malcontent this past week, here's your answer.

Our desktop Dell computer finally died yesterday, after a week or so struggling to make it.

Yesterday, Thursday, June 5, I went and bought a new HP 6-GB, Windows 8 desktop, brought it home and have been trying to understand it's ways since. 
Our old computer still worked great until the monitor disintegrated, after I composed and posted "Scouting for a Photo-Op".  It just went dead to the world.

Literally, it may take me and Leti a few days to figure out this new system; we'd gotten quite used to Google Chromium and Windows Vista Ultimate~ used that one for nearly 7 years.
This thing has hundred of bells and whistles attached to it.

But lookie here, I can type tildes again~~, all day long if I want to~~~~, and 5s and 6s and d-a-s-h-e-s, as needed-, so there's an upside.
Downside?  I have to get used to Microsoft's Internet Explorer all over again, yeccchh.
Downside?  There's a webcam built into this machine; so I may post some awful ugly images of yours truly.... once I figure out how to enable the damn thing.
Downside?  It will take me a while to search for your individual bloggies, news sites, etc., and re-establish them in this new "favorites" system, called, symbolised "STARS", so please give me a break.
Downside?  The damn thing keeps reminding me, after 3every word misspelled, that I am a dummy, with a soft bong sound.

I have to go install two valuable add-ons, from my old system, now.  One, my Logitech LX3 optical mouse, for which I have to download new drivers for Windows 8, and
iolo's System Mechanic softwear, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO YOU.


My Logitech Optical mouse still sits to the right of the keyboard, waiting to be installed.
you can't imagine how many times I've reached for it, grabbing it uselessly tonight~!


Mike said...

I really, really hate having to get used to new things, esp. anything involved w/ computers.

After the recent flap over the Firefox exec. getting fired b/c he opposed gay marriage, I bowed to the pressure and tried to find another browser - I tried several and thought Chrome might be the best of them all, but the learning curve was just too great and there were add-ons I had w/ Firefox that I couldn't get for Chrome. Then there was the fact that Chrome/Google comes from hard-core progressives....

So, I'm back to using Firefox. It has its own problems, but I'm used to, I don't think I'm really hurting them by boycotting. I really don't care one way or another about gay marriage; I know it's a hot button issue w/ many of my fellow conservatives, but there's a lot more pressing issues to worry about. Besides that, I'm a libertarian and a Texan - want to mind my own bidness and unless what you're doing is directly affecting me, I don't care what you do.

Congrats on the new 'puter. Mine is about two years old and I hope it lasts another couple.

The Local Malcontent said...

Well, that was deceptively enlightening, Mike, I gotta tell ya.
Really, sincerely.

Chrome has legendary problems with Adobe's ShockWave Flash crashes, but we had found a suitable situation with Chrome, weighing the bad with the good. I couldn't wait to download Chrome onto this W.8 OS, and GUESS WHAT??
The usual Shockwave flash problems have followed over.

Chrome, by Google WhoWantstoKnow EverythingAboutYourLife, Corporation, is to me the easiest platform going; Sooo, they know that I eat too many Cheeseburgers from the Sonic Drive-In, and shop for both guns and comfortable underwear online, while Leticia shops online for exotic seed packets and shoes ...
Their annoyance to me, to us, is tolerable, thus far.

But, the day may come when suited, armed men come to our door;

Anonymous said...

I use Cyberfox, which is based on Firefox but is 64-bit and is preserving the user configurability that drew me to Firefox all those years ago, before they decided to force everyone into an ever-shrinking conformity box.

And the issue about Mozilla isn't SSM but the fascism demonstrated by a few most radical SSM supporters. Even many who don't oppose SSM were troubled by the firing.

Anonymous said...
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