Thursday, June 5, 2014

Scouting Around For An Indian Rez
Photo Op

Inspired by this

In what is a highly politicized motive, in my honest opinion, controversial leader Barack Zerobama will visit the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, in Cannon Ball, North Dakota next week, Wednesday, June 13, 2014.

It will be Zerobama's first visit to Indian Country since visiting the Crow Agency Rez in Eastern Montana as candidate Zerobama in 2007.

(It was here where Zerobama received his Indian name, "Chief Walking Eagle".  
A walking eagle, because he is so heavy, so full of crap)

It was only a matter of time until Zerobama went through his dwindling subsets of support, ending up on a Sioux rez., promising everything under the sun, only delivering more empty, broken promises.

Just as he did in naming the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma as an Economic Zone target, back in February of this year.

You watch:  Barack and Michelle Zerobama will visit some tribal hospital, or an unwed mothers' home, or a Sioux orphanage, and proudly proclaim that he, Barack the First, will be their Saviour.

Then he will pack up his teleprompters, Michelle will pat some children on their heads, and that will be it.  

The Great Sioux Nation signed treaties in 1851 and in 1868 with the United States which are binding documents that established the original boundariesand recognized 
their rights as a sovereign government. The lands of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe were reduced to a reservation by the Act of March 2, 1889
which also allowed White settlers 
to claim former Indian lands.
'Thanks so much', Democrat President, Grover Cleveland.

A brief history of the Lakota Sioux and the Dakota Yanktonai people who live in the Standing Rock reservation is here:

Your Local Malcontent visited this Sioux Nation reservation in 1993, along with my mentor, Cherokee Austin Walker.

I will never forget us talking with some men, leaders in the reservation then about the forced dependence upon Washington, D.C., and their feelings of hopelessness, their seething anger toward their leadership, who were considered sellouts to the white man.   Back then, hopes there were high– 
elevated by certain, empty promises which were made by 
another smooth talking Democratic presidential  candidate, named Clinton.

Disillusioned by that visit and those Clinton promises, the Lakota Sioux tribe has languished in terms of identity, in terms of historical pride, deprived of economic opportunity, high unemployment and rampant substance abuse.  

I saw the dismal existence of the Lakota, more than 100 years after the American government's first promises of opportunity.

I'm a witness to America's forgotten promises and treaties to North America's original inhabitants.

So now, here comes Barry and 'Chelle, who are in need of support, any support they can find,
any support they can dissuade away from the truth.
Photographs and videos will highlight Barack Zerobama wearing feathers, maybe getting war paint applied, 
like the actor that he is.

And what is "that truth", Zerobama needs to dissuade?  That Native (Naive?) American Indians must be dependent still upon Federal government handouts, and U.S. government approved "freedoms".

If I was Lakota, if I was a Yanktonai, I would stay home in protest next Wednesday.

And I'd raise my voice among my brothers and sisters in anger at this use and abuse by the Socialist in Chief.
I would throw rotten fruit at His Majesty's motorcade, maybe openly piss in his direction as they pass by on the highway.

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