Monday, June 16, 2014

The Apostro''e

I'm sure that you're all wonderi'g abo't my state of mind, or you would'nt be here.
Apostrop'ies  abou'ding~!

....  'ain't Good, ....

I'm giving up.  I won't be here much longer on the Internet, 
as "Yo'r Lo'al Malco'tent".

I've decided, along w' my most beautiful wife Leticia, 
to concentrate on more, far more person'l matters to us.
Family mat'ers for us two.

I'll miss you, all ya'll.
All the high tim's we've h'd and all; likewis', 
 all my low times, when you've shared you'r love for me her'.  
Like when m' beloved dog, Amos was run'd ov'r.

Why do all the penultimate changes in my life happ'n in June, each year?
Just wonderin'...

Leticia and I hastily planned a Canadian vacation for next month,
ba'k in midd'l May, to visit th' Canadian Eastern seabo'rd, fr'm June 28
through July 12.

Cold Therapy.

Cold therapy for the emotionally scarr'd, the morta'ly wounded~  
That's m', us, f'r s're, th's y'ar.
I'm hopin' for a cold, drenchin' rain ever' day while we're 'n Nova Scotia.

Leticia and I hav' plans for a family still; don't be d'ceiv'd.  While we lost a son last April, we still have options, we stil' have plans:  Ugl', Industrial plans for a family, b't those're our choic's.

I'd tel' you to stay tuned here, but there are no guarant''s;
maybe I'll be back for another bloggie session here; I've done this before, tho' with diminishin' results each time'.

And who knows~ perhaps we'll feel better after we get bac' here to Okla'. 
but so far, this has been a bad year.  

I've at least ONE mor', major blogpost left in me-- 
the most important one,  
t' impart
b'for' I give up th's stage,
t' fly high, among the eagles and th' cro's:

Keep lookin' in for it',

I lov' you each and all; don't miss m', an' don't mistake me, 
b'cause I'm already a part of you,


Mike said...

Well, I have this and your other blog feed in my reader, so if you DO start posting again, I'll know. I was wondering what was up w/ all the videos...not that I didn't enjoy most of them, but....

I lost your "real name" in my last computer failure, so I never did get to friend you on Facebook. Be sure to keep in touch via email, not sure if you still have my Gmail addy, but it's on my own blog.

Funny about weather; when it's freezing and the wind is blowing and I have a hard time keeping my drafty old shack warm and my gas bill could be a new car payment, I long for summer - then 100 deg+ days come weeks at a time and my electric bill is a shocker and then I have fonder memories of cooler weather. I guess that's why I prefer fall so much, pleasantly warm days and deliciously cool nights...and football season!

Drop me an email when you get a chance, even if you don't continue on w/ the blogging.

The Local Malcontent said...

You know me best, most of all, Mike: When I am feeling bad, I just want to throw it all away and start over. This post was made at one of my lowest points, just after Father's Day.
We're having such a hard time trying still, two months after the fact, that we no longer have a little loving face at the table with us.
Sometimes the pain is unbearable: walking past his room, seeing something around the house, like my fishing tackle, Dillon loved.

I sometimes wish that I was dead, but you didn't hear that from me, so there was no more pain.

Mike said...

Oh, I think we all get like that. When I was participating in MSN Groups a LOT, I'd get tired of it and give it a rest. Funny enough, seems like quite a few people would do the same at the same time and I'd see posts "Where IS everyone?"

I sometimes get tired of the "clutter" on my computer and start deleting things left and right, un-installing programs and such...and then later regret it. I think that's just a desire to change things, just to see if they'll help w/ my down mood.

I also wish a lot of times that I were dead, too. I get to thinking my life was a waste and I don't have anything to look forward to in the last part of my life. I don't even think it's depression, because none of the other symptoms seem to be there.

My own despair hit hard w/ my last birthday, not a "milestone" one, but the next one will be and it's particularly hard on me not having anyone else in my life...nor having any prospects. Oh well. We just gotta "keep on truckin'".

As per Dillon: I'm sure you've gone through several phases of grief - but I hate to see you in pain and I can't help - even though I'm not at all close to the situation - feeling anger towards him. Then again, he's just a boy and *most* of us were cruel and thoughtless at times when we were that age. I've thought about him a lot and wonder if he's regretting his decision. I know he had it good with you guys.

Hang in there, am glad you're not giving up the blog.