Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the Hapless Padres

What a Sad Week for the San Diego Padres baseball team--
Losing a great hitter, then losing a no-hitter.

The Sandy Ago Padres are miserable. And they are a miserable team.
Earlier in the month, Baseball great Tony Gwynn passed away from cancer (mouth cancer from chewing tobacco) at the age of 54.  Mr. Gwynn deserves a blogpost all to himself, so I will not elaborate more here about him, except that he was EXCEPTIONAL, a lifetime .338 avg. batter, and he played his entire career for his beloved Padres.

Now, for the second time in two years, the Padres were the losers to San Francisco's Tim Lincecum, not bashing one hit in their 4-0 loss today.  These Padres are pathetic.
The Padres are disengaged from the game of baseball; they perform the functions of their respective roles, but little if anything more; take a look at the Padres' rating, among the 30 MLB teams.  The San-itary Diego Pads:

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