Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the National Association
for the Abortion
of Colored People

So what? Kill your baby.  You, mama, don' need the trouble, changing those dirty diapers, making those hard decisions while they are growing up, and Church every Sunday morning to please your own mama or your daddy, tutoring their homework, now that's TOO DAMN MUCH.

Just kill "it" early on, like the old Democratic KKK would've.  Do the Dems a favor, right??!!
Assuage your shame and that feeling of guilt running in your head... by having an abortion.
No need to think about baby names, shop for baby clothes, furniture; 
instead, have another Sex On the Beach drink,,, $3.00
Abortion:  $100.  Raising a child: $200,000.00

It's a bottom line, simple accounting thing, according to the porcelain "catholic" vampire, 
Nancy Pelosi, would tell you...

The NAACP endorses abortion.
They're already some of the most stupid people on Earth, why not ALSO support killing your Negro babies, doing the world a favor in so doing??  After all, the likelihood of another Black genius like *Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, Count Bassie, 
my gosh,,, Scott Joplin~! ,

*George Washington Carver, Larry Doby, The great Frank Robinson, LeBron James, Timmy Duncan, and yeah, even the "Juice", Dr. Martin Luther King, jr., T.W. Shannon, Langston Hughes, General Benjamin O. Davis, Red Foxx, Skip Wilson, Bill Cosby, Will Smith~!!!!
(and that's just the men)-- Wanna talk Tina Turner, Arethea Franklin, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson or Marian Anderson?

All names are extremely well known, OUTSIDE THE GHETTO, well honored.  (*Cassius Clay, Mike and Cecily Tyson)
plus millions other, Negro notables~, local and unknown,
YET extraordinary men and women!!
So, why, why would the NAACP endorse abortion?

Yet, they do, tragically.  The NAACP jumps and dances to the tune of their masters, the American Democrats.  How tragic and sad to think that the Negros' most identifiable support group, the NAACP, thinks it is a good idea for you to kill your baby.

God's Wrath and all...

* all born alive

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