Friday, July 25, 2014

Guess What, Chief Justice John Roberts??

Stock up early on Excedrin because the IRS has posted the proposed 2014 Form 1040 tax forms.

And yeah, Obamacare is a TAX. It's a new tax, on line 61: "Health care: individual responsibility (see instructions)  Full-year coverage _____  . . . . . 

And it gets Better~! 
You have a new form "8889", complete with a six-page worksheet for determining your tax, for good ol' Line 61.

If you choose to go to the above link, to see the horrifying Form 8889, be sure to check out 
"Part III—Income and Additional Tax for Failure to Maintain HDHP Coverage", at the end of page 6,
where you find you must pay a tax for 
NOT having health insurance coverage.

It isn't going to be easy, but maybe we all will catch a break, if the Federal Circuit Court's recent rulings are upheld.  Either way, it won't actually be in time for the filing deadline next April 15.

Unless you are American Indian or Alaska Native, then all you must do is fill out and send in this Exemption form, along with a copy of your CDIB or Tribal Membership proof:

Really.  Why won't someone Non-Indian file a discrimination lawsuit, claiming that this tax
(IT'S A $@&(#! TAX, JUSTICE ROBERTS) violates a citizen's equal protection/treatment under 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?
It's not "fair"... And after all, this current administration is 
all for "fair" play, 
and "leveling the paying field". Right?

 Have a good weekend, paleface. just kidding~LOL
you KNOW that I love all you 'rightful' citizens.
And Lesbians. And Homos. And Negros. And Cherokees. And Muslims. And Yellow Folk. 
And Transsexuals. And you "Further Undefined".

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