Tuesday, July 15, 2014


'keep on piggin', Democratic morons. Even the 70's British rock group "Pink Floyd" nailed you.

Ha ha, Charade you are.

Like swine, you root in the mud/filth, where you were born, and where you thrive, among the flies and maggots, the stench:  Only you would choose such a low level for yourselves.
It is your birthright; you Democrats are but animals, something less than mankind. (Yeah, I've studied the Talmud, 'the 974')

But When Your Hand Is On Your Heart...

Democrats.  You house brown, town mouse...  you undesired pestilence.  Filthy, disease bearing rodents.  You lie to us as it conveniences you.  And you get away with your slimy lies.

Less than stupid, you.  Do you know what you deserve in your life?  The very slavery which you intend for others.


Mike said...

Welcome home!

I never thought of that song in that context, but it does fit.

I've always loved trivia and was in an MSN Groups trivia site several years ago when they were going strong and we were having a chat trivia and the British guy running the session posted a photo of the Battersea power plant and bet "no Yanks would know what that is!" I guess he didn't count on this "Yank" being a Pink Floyd fan and researching just what building that was on the cover of their Animals album.

I also told him, being a Texan, I didn't like being call a "Yank" and he told me I could call him a "Limey" if it bothered me that much. I told him no, that I'd just refer to him as a "tea-sippin' sunuvabitch" from then on.

I don't know if you changed it, or if Blogger did, but I sure like the new captcha/verification codes a lot better now.

The Local Malcontent said...

Thankkk You! We are both glad to be back home Mike. The second week was not "vacational"; I know YOU know what we went there for....

I will post an update on "that" over on KrazyTalk very soon.

I hope you are doing well, friend~!