Wednesday, August 20, 2014

America's Rampaging Addiction to Government Crack

Doesn't that sum it up?
Our addiction to government food stamps, to welfare, to disability, to Social Security, to crop subsidies, energy subsidies, corporate tax loopholes.

Controversial leader Barry Obama, former cocaine addict himself, is relishing his new role as Drug Dealer in Chief, as he heaps out our taxes to the 'less-fortunate' among us, including able-bodied workers, the discouraged, the brow-beaten, the poorly-schooled, the easily-distracted.

The War on Poverty... as I blogged last week, 
Poverty won that war.  

The War on Drugs... Drugs have won.  
Spark one up in Colorado or Washington and celebrate. Drop an extra Ritalin.  
Crack cocaine, crystal meth, high grade weed, Ecstasy, Rohypnol, all these designer drugs came into being, during our great war on drugs, of the 1960s and 70s. And helped Americans to become more like Belgium, helping Americans become more ... distracted ... from what is really going on:  

The theft of our future.  As well as the erasure of our past.

The Moral Majority?  Minuscule.  Muted.  The United Methodist Church of America just endorsed same sex marriage. 

Race wars? Coming to your town soon~! Sponsored by the NAACP and the Justice Department. 

Where is God?  Why won't HE intervene?
Because HE's been suspended from schools, for Being too controversial. Especially in Islam Appreciation class, and 
in 4th hour Sex-Ed.

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