Monday, August 11, 2014

"But as President, I must put
the interests of America First"

Not since President Ronald Reagan now, has such a mighty politician spoken.  
Before Ronald Reagan, there was Richard Nixon, 12 years earlier.

Though flawed by politicial power, and overwhelmed by his importance, Richard Nixon proved himself to be an American hero after all.  Americans most often do what is right in the end, and the 37th President was no different.  This man resigned his highest office in the galaxy,, for our country's best interests.

What a humble man I've only recently discovered our 37th President to have been~!!
A loving husband and father, former representative, Senator, Vice President and then President.
While always, putting America first in his decisions for us all.

While I was technically born during LBJ's last days (Jan. 11, 1969), Richard Nixon was the President of my birth, to me.  He resigned his office when I was 5 years old; I remember that moment as if it were last week.... Forty years hence~

     "Therefore, I shall resign the Presidency effective at noon tomorrow. Vice President Ford will be sworn in as President at that hour in this office.

"As I recall the high hopes for America with which we began this second term, I feel a great sadness that I will not be here in this office working on your behalf to achieve those hopes in the next 21/2 years. But in turning over direction of the Government to Vice President Ford, I know, as I told the Nation when I nominated him for that office 10 months ago, that the leadership of America will be in good hands.
    "In passing this office to the Vice President, I also do so with the profound sense of the weight of responsibility that will fall on his shoulders tomorrow and, therefore, of the understanding, the patience, the cooperation he will need from all Americans.
    "As he assumes that responsibility, he will deserve the help and the support of all of us. As we look to the future, the first essential is to begin healing the wounds of this Nation, to put the bitterness and divisions of the recent past behind us, and to rediscover those shared ideals that lie at the heart of our strength and unity as a great and as a free people.
    "By taking this action, I hope that I will have hastened the start of that process of healing which is so desperately needed in America.
    "I regret deeply any injuries that may have been done in the course of the events that led to this decision. I would say only that if some of my Judgments were wrong, and some were wrong, they were made in what I believed at the time to be the best interest of the Nation.
    "To those who have stood with me during these past difficult months, to my family, my friends, to many others who joined in supporting my cause because they believed it was right, I will be eternally grateful for your support.
    "And to those who have not felt able to give me your support, let me say I leave with no bitterness toward those who have opposed me, because all of us, in the final analysis, have been concerned with the good of the country, however our judgments might differ."

I cannot in all honesty, imagine Barack Obama saying these words::: 
He is too arrogant, too egotistical, too arugula lettuce-like, too self-absorbed to ever know what it used to be a great American leader.

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