Friday, August 29, 2014

Did You Ever Think You'd Live To See
The Day When

... when the President of the U.S. would not lift a finger to protect the citizens by securing our borders?

... when the Golden State of California would be the poorest state in the Union?

... when the United Nations would supplant our Congress as our legislators?

... when killing unborn children would be thought to be another unalienable right?

... when world events mirrored the verses of the Book of Revelation?

... when: Having a pond on your land; heating your home with a fireplace; having a different opinion than that of the national leaders; choosing not to answer all the Census' questions,
would bring the Feral Government to your door?

... when America would have a dictator?

Regarding that last question, many of my friends staying with us this weekend, the men, we do not think that controversial leader Zerobama is done 'consodifying his power'.
It was our consensus fear this morning early around a campfire, that the Ass (democrat) in the White House will declare martial law before the 2016 elections & declare himself 'leader' until such time as he decides he's done.

These were our mutual Chahta fears, our mutual expectations.  & we are preparing for that moment, Barry.

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