Saturday, August 30, 2014


Good riddance to state park geese
By Administrator, Sammamish, Washington Review

The number one problem that keeps people away from Lake Sammamish State Park, Washington, has been the overpopulation of Canadian geese — and the ankle-deep, goose poop.

If you’ve been to the park in the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed the geese are gone. After a couple of days of pounding rains, so is the abundance of goose excrement that covered the beaches and lawns.  Often, inches deep.
Former goose poop is now just fertilizer.

Of course, a straggler goose may swim ashore and find that the grass is greener at the state park, but for a moment in time, the geese have been relocated. We sincerely hope the state park will continue its program in future years, especially with new pristine sand slated to refurbish Sunset Beach for swimmers.  And it's verdant gardens, fertilized by, yes, you guessed it.... Gooshit.

Animals, people and parks are not always a good combination.

Chipmunks and birds crapping are one thing, but geese are similar to dogs in total content — although the average goose can’t even catch a Frisbee.

Dog owners have learned to accept the responsibility of keeping their hounds on a leash in the park and to clean up the dog excrement. Which leaves only one troublemaker, the geese.

Some of the geese — the Russian geese more so than the Canada geese, according to Ranger Rich Benson — had been getting very aggressive with park visitors. No one wants to be near a 30-pound goose when it decides it doesn’t want you to share the path.

“Scary” is how one, drenched-with-goose-shit, morning runner put it, last week.

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