Thursday, August 21, 2014

J STREET PAC's Hypocrisy & Deceit

"J STREET (dot) ORG is a superficially Jewish political action committee in Washington, D.C., which in my humble opinion, directly opposes the desires of the Israel government in Jerusalem.  

Instead, it still insists upon a defunct hope for a 2-state solution with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the East bank along the Jordan River, and a Palestinian capitol in East Jerusalem.
This from a Jewish political action committee??

The "J Street Blog", a part of the website for the donation-seeking, democrat-supporting PAC, posted yesterday the following, entitled (incredibly enough) "Time for Solutions" :

  • ..."J Street believes that Israel has the right to respond to threats to its civilians from rockets, terror and tunnels with force proportionate to the threats it faces.
  • We also condemn without reservation Hamas, its ideology and its use of terror to achieve its aims.
  • Yet we state equally unequivocally that there is no military solution to this conflict. A never-ending chain of missiles and air strikes produces only death and devastation and fails to offer a sustainable resolution to the conflict."
  • ... "We advocate a different approach."
  • ... "In our view, political leadership at this challenging moment requires more than responding to rockets with force – it requires proposing viable political solutions that can be accepted by Palestinian moderates, neighboring countries and the international community.
  • We urge the government of Israel to put forward a bold, comprehensive proposal for resolving the conflict and to propose a cease-fire while this is negotiated. In addition to seeking the agreement of Palestinian leaders, Israel should invest substantial effort in building support from Arab neighbors and the international community."

Say Whut??  How the heck is this a 'different approach'?
I suggest that we try the same thing which has not worked for the last 68 years, but phrased differently this time, so that the diplomats can continue to work towards an unreachable goal. 

This approach is what we used to call at the BIA and at the McAlester Choctaw Casino, "job security" work.  Because if there ever was to be an accord between Israel and the Palestinians, that would make J Street's future unnecessary and moot.


  • A workable Israeli proposal would offer:
  • An outline of the parameters on which an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza will be established – including borders based on pre-1967 lines with swaps, a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, mutual recognition and guarantees for the security of both states – and a commitment to a diplomatic process to achieve it within a set period of time;
  • Recognition of the present Palestinian Authority under the leadership of President Mahmoud Abbas – as established following the reconciliation agreement among the various Palestinian parties in April – as the legitimate government of the entirety of Palestinian territory;
  • International oversight, in cooperation with Israel and the Palestinian Authority, of security at the borders of Gaza, providing inspected but otherwise free movement of non-military goods and people in and out of Gaza – including by air and sea;
  • An international mechanism and fund for the rehabilitation of Gaza and a commitment to ensure that the Palestinian Authority security apparatus is the only legitimate armed Palestinian force in Gaza.

Read it all, here; it is just a sad commentary on how some PACs lie,
 under the assumption of "Supporting Israel".

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