Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mark My Words~

Ironic, isn't it, that so many Liberals in the northeast quadrant of the U.S. now are complaining because so many illegal immigrant children are being relocated into their states & into their cities.
It is so easy spending other people's money to help the less fortunate, just do not ask a Democrat to do so.  
Or, Democratically held communities to do so.
Bourne, Massachusetts.  Alexandria, Virginia.  Murietta, California.

BOURNELocal residents and members of the Board of Selectmen condemned a plan Tuesday that could bring immigrant children from Latin America, who have recently entered the United States illegally, to a military base on Cape Cod.
At their meeting Tuesday night, Bourne selectmen said the presence of the children at the Camp Edwards base, which lies partly in Bourne, would unfairly burden the community at the expense of residents.

[A reporter] asked people in Alexandria, VA if they’d be willing to sign a petition to relocate hundreds of illegal immigrant children to their town. Though some were hesitant, many agreed.
Of those agreeing to have the immigrant minors brought to their neighborhood, reporter Joseph asked if they would go a step further by volunteering to house one of the “children” they bused in.
When it came time to put their charity to action, liberals proved that they’re more than willing to spend someone else’s money, but they wouldn’t feel the same way about their own personal 

Democrats don’t want borders, unless it’s around their own personal property.

"Welcome to America, little Hispanic nino`s !  Now go, shove off and live in the shadows where I won't have to see you."

There are several ironies involved here, perhaps.
The biggest irony is that Now, liberals know how we conservatives feel when Liberals relocate into our states from their former hometowns, where taxation rose alot and living standards fell alot, therefrom.

Long-time California denizens fleeing never-ending taxation inflicted by Sacramento onto everyone, the never-ending taxation inflicted by Albany onto everyone, the never-ending taxation inflicted by Springfield onto everyone,,
and moving to Texas or to Oklahoma or to Louisiana or to Arizona or to Utah.  Where, they perceive a better standard of living, higher wages, cleaner neighborhoods, and lower taxes.  And in some cases, no income taxes.  Only to seeking out, identifying with, and then voting for the same kind of political candidate who ruined California, New York and Illinois for them.
Greener pastures for now, until the locusts come.

Now comes the needy, illegal alien children from Central America.
Conservatives already identify this kind of new neighbor, from the book of Exodus, Chapter 10, verse 4; and from Revelations 9:3.

A third irony taking place here is the fact that Americans as a whole, cannot foresee what the Indian,
the Native American sees already, as his past.

Since once, the Choctaw tribe, the Creek tribe, the Seminole, the Chickasaw, the Cherokee, the Iroquois, the Sioux, the Algonquin, the mighty Comanche and mighty Apache tribes all thought, "What are a few white settlers on our land?  They won't require that much from us."

Listen to me:  This kind of slow, nearly imperceptible influx of non-native peoples to our land WILL someday overrun, and then conquer us.

When your grandson, or your nephew or niece cannot find a decent job at a decent wage or salary with which to raise his family in the very near future, thank a Democrat politician for what is happening on our Southern border right now.  I'd recommend thanking them personally, with a baseball bat to their skulls.

Two words:  Sanctuary Cities.
Send all the children to Sanctuary Cities.

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