Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I've found a great band on SoundCloud, and I'd like to promote them.  After buying and receiving their album Friday, UPS, I've concluded that they are extraordinary.  (Link below!)

Do you enjoy the music of 'The Marshall Tucker Band', 
or 'Steely Dan'? Like I do?
They are in that offbeat, extra~ordinary genre, maybe also like
The Grateful Dead, or SoundPilot. (link below)

You will sure enjoy this new group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called "Northern Arms".  
Their first album is stunningly awesome, every cut is good! I take their CD with me in the truck, to listen to while driving to my casino destinations.

It is self-titled, "Northern Arms"; and the more that I listen to their eight tracks (yeah, I bought it, got it last Wednesday), it's all I've listened to:  It is part native, part goth, part big-band (they have clarinets, of all things in a rock band)  but mostly, they have deep, deep soul and a beat which touches my inner-most, Indian heart. TRY "UNDER THE PINES", as an appetiser. (link below)

While I cannot play their music here on Blogger- yet,
you can go to MY Facebook  page,  https://www.facebook.com/local.malcontent , 
and hear "Under the Pines", by Northern Arms.

I do hope you will take time to go and listen on Soundcloud, then consider buying their album, these boys deserve support, and you can be onboard the bandwagon early with a good seat~!

)link above( Then, promote them on your own bloggies too, alright?  They are THAT GOOD~!


Mike said...

When your post hit my reader, I didn't finish reading but instead did a search for the band and found several of their tunes on YouTube. I liked the two videos I watched, esp. "What You've Got On". I could be wrong, but the girl riding the subway looks Native American and before I read your comment about "native rock", I thought it had a "tribal beat" to it.

I like it when a group uses diff. instruments in their songs - the one I linked to above has a xylophone in it!

I liked the music, but not as much as you did, it seems. That's OK; it's our differences that make us unique and if everyone liked the same thing to the same degree, the world would not be as interesting of a place. I'll listen to some more to be fair.

(I've learned I have to be delicately careful in critiquing things; people take it very personally if you don't like what they do.)

I'm hit or miss on what I think will be popular; when I first heard The Killers, I immediately knew they were going to have a lot of success and I was right. I thought the same thing about 500 Miles to Memphis, too. Heard of them? I didn't think so.

The Local Malcontent said...

Mike, if you've got a F/B page, I wish you'd Friend me, us there. I've tried looking for a F/B page of yours....

Mike said...

Drop me an email:


at gmail.com

Hope that keeps the spammers away.