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Mike said...
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Mike said...

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I used to roughneck with a guy whose father was a tool pusher (boss of the drilling rig) and his dad died suddenly. He hadn't been a great father to my friend, abandoning him, his sisters and his mother. My pal used to tell me such sad stories of how he tried to become the man of the family at the age of ten or so and several were enough to make me want to cry.

Anyway, after his dad had been gone for a while, my friend told me the worst thing about it all was hearing the platitudes from people who knew or had worked for his father. "Mike, they cussed him when he was alive, but now that he's dead, he was a 'good man' and they liked him. I'd rather them tell me they're sorry for my loss, but my ol' man was still an S.O.B.!"

That's sort of how I felt about Robin Williams. It's one thing to ridicule people - particularly politicians/Presidents, etc., but it's altogether another to be mean-spirited and viscous as Williams was towards conservatives and Republicans. (and I'm not saying they're one and the same.

Now, most politicians deserve scorn, but Williams never directed his acid barbs at liberals or Democrats that I remember or can find on the 'net. He was rightfully derisive of the Catholic church for the pedophile priest scandals, but he failed to mention that 99% of the priests were homosexuals. Just seems more than a little hypocritical to me, but I suppose in Hollywood it's OK to make fun of child molestors, but not gays. If you're an equal opportunity spoofer, that's fine, but if it's only directed towards those of one political slant, then that makes you nothing more than a partisan hack.

He was a pretty good actor, but I'm not sure he deserved the Oscar for that progressive rant that was "Good Will Hunting". I was surprised he did drama as well as he did - he was brilliant in "One Hour Photo" and I'd have to say my favorite movie he was in was "Jumanji".

His political slurs aside, he was a great comic when he was younger, but maybe it was the coke that made him so manic...and maybe it was that which ruined his comedy in later years. I watched some show several years back where most of his comedy was about anuses...that was the type of humor I found funny when I was ten yrs. old, but not so much now. He also liked to take potshots at religion and I can't help but think that maybe...just maybe...if he'd been a little less derisive of it and asked God for help, then maybe he'd still be alive today.

I've been pretty easy on RW in my comments here, on Facebook and other places because he's not even cold in the ground yet, but if he's brought up in the future, then I'll let loose. I'm sure it will just perpetuate the stereotype that conservatives are mean people, but the people who think that have a short memory or looked the other way when John Wayne died or Heston or Reagan or any other number of "right wing" celebs and politicians.