Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rosemary Lehmberg, The Best Thing To Ever Happen In Texas

Yeah, what better representative for the Liberal fags in Austin than Rosemary th' District Abomination?

What an embarrassment this woman is to all of Texas.  Who the heck elected her? And why?

This mess, this madam, is another Liberal disgrace, is another vindictive, venal, vicious liberal in a place of power.
Good people need to realize, and to realize that Liberalism is a mental disorder, first and foremost, as they are unable to comprehend simple history, for one thing.

The people of Texas must be so proud of Rosemary~!  Rosemary the Drunk.  The convicted drunkard.  
The Lehmberg legacy in Texas.  
Of Texas.  
Quoting, "... that the night of her arrest for drunk driving, the District Attorney was combative, resisting, and refusing to comply with law enforcement, "

"After repeatedly cursing her jailers, Lehmberg was phyiscally restrained, and a 'spit mask' was placed over her head," to prevent her from spitting her vile venom onto the Sheriff's department personnel. 

Is this woman a lesbian? She looks like she could be,
 ... maybe ... probably ... uh, likely.

She probably didn't have a/get many boyfriends in junior high/high school, I'm thinkin'..

Rosemary Lehmberg, convicted drunkard, likely vampire, and Travis County's Head Proscecuter.

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