Saturday, August 9, 2014

Setting Fires - "The Obama Doctrine"

Yeah, not unlike an arsonist.

  • The Obama Doctrine has been difficult to pin down because there does not seem to be a common thread uniting his disparate policies – muscular interventionism in Libya, pushy paternalism with regard to Israel, eager abdication with regard to Syria and Ukraine.

  • But with Obama’s latest decision to launch airstrikes (in Northern Iraq) against the Islamic State in the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), the Obama Doctrine has now come into focus: pretend to give a damn about suffering of innocents when it hits the headlines, ignore it the rest of the time.  Any deployment of power will be short-term and ineffective. Obama will do all he can for innocents up until the moment when he doesn’t have to do so. Then he’ll leave them to die.
Lovingly lifted from's column by Ben Shapiro
Read it all, it's very good.   
Here are Ben Shapiro's other columns.

Shapiro has pegged Zerobama:  he really doesn't care about anyone or anything that the rest of the world cares for, except the promotion of himself and his Democratic party.

This goes so far beyond merely being 'an empty suit'-- this is Evil.  Evil which allows 
-by inaction and indifference- crises after crises after crises to swell to the point where the average 
Joe Citizen just turns away from the TV or radio news, because he/she simply can't take it anymore.

This is what I pray that voters come to realize soon, before the November elections:  that Democrats have turned on this nation by allowing all these super-heated situations by ignorance and by indifference.  By only saying that they care so much, by failing to act responsibly.

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