Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Talkin' Pirates Baseball"

I have been going back and forth with a Conservative baseball fan, timsrighty, over on/at this morning, and it reminds me so, about the ardent love of the game overall, that WE TRUE FANS HAVE.

timsrighty is a longtime Pittsburgh Pirates fan, and me, a Cardinals fan.  Who Could Not be more alternative?  Maybe an Orioles fan? A Phillies (NOT) fan? A Steelers fan?
A Cleveland Indians' fan fer sure....

My take on the older Pittsburgh Pirates (whom I rooted for, loved): Willie Stargell, Kent Tekulve, Dave Parker in RF!!!, Omar Marino, WHO WAS Center Field, what a squad~!

The 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, the first team I really followed on Television as a World Series Team, defeated the Baltimore Orioles, in 7 games that year.
What I do remember most though, of that series, is Howard Cosell's play-by-play commentary, about a Baltimore fan who'd fallen asleep during the game, with a cigar in his mouth.  As the ABC-TV cameras followed this sleeping fan, his cigar fell out of his mouth onto his beer belly.

That and Kent Tekulve's amazing, right-handed, submarine pitches for strikes in the late innings.
Calling Tekulve in to pitch meant 'lights out' for opposing teams and batters, he was that amazing to see/face.
Let's all go back to that gladstone year, 1979, in baseball:

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