Monday, August 4, 2014

The Frequently Updated List of Totally Racist Words Offensive to American Indians, Alaska Natives and Canadian First Peoples, Never To Be Uttered Again By Politically Correct Society, Until All Society Becomes One Worshipping Only Mother Earth Guiya

"Liberally" exaggerated, like their democratic attention spans.

You are guilty of committing thought crimes against ... something.

Of course, there's 'Redskins', as any non Indian will tell you; but there are more, oh so many more.
Kindly eliminate all of the following words from your vocabularies, since non Indians are so afraid of hurting us real Indians even more than they have.  Just ask Any non Indian what tends to offend us.  "Or should."

This list will frequently updated, as more offensive words, no matter how innocently used in conversation, come to my mind, hoke kemosabe?

That's number one, in fact: Kemosabe.
If anyone were to ever find out what "Kemosabe" really means, when Tonto spoke to the Lone Ranger, they would turn as pale as the moon on a cold December night:  I cannot reveal what the word truly means, because you might be a uh, you know, non Indian of course.... but it comes close to the shunned husband
of a promiscuous wife.


red handed, red faced, redneck, red herring, red meat, red solo cup, red eye, red skelton, red dawn, red phone, red tide, red onions, red potatoes, red corn, red velvet cake, cake walk, pumpkin pie; reservations; any and all references to where you bought that turquoise necklace, that dream catcher, that bow and those arrows; the white buffalo; "Bison" is forbidden; Tunica; Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Arkansas, Indiana, Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio Oregon, Tennessee, Minnesota, Dakota (any form), Mississippi, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming;

Indian giver, Indian car, Indian wars, Indian pride, Indian heritage, Indian mound, Indian paintbrush, Indian spirit, Indian wrestling; 

"Okie from Muskogee", totem, totem pole, tepee, wigwam, tribe, pow-wow, savage, medicine man,  rain dance, rain maker, sweat lodgeS, high cheekbones, and my personal favorite, "Blanket ass".

This list will grow.

I am offended hundred of times on a daily basis by white, non Indian people with long hair and/or beards.  And that's all it takes these days, for mere words to disappear from the language, if 
anyone, anywhere is offended by it's usage.

(Heyyeh, if this crap works for Cloward and Piven, overheating the government, economy, then why can't it work against these Libtards??)  Email your congressperson, tell him/her/it how offended you are that I am offended.  And make them stomp it out~!  Oh, yeah, include Stomp dance to that list...
Please feel free to add to this list, in the comments, and Yakoke!!


Mike said...

Being a Cowboys fan, I never had much love for the 'Skins, but when their name first started becoming a controversy, I thought that maybe it IS offensive and should be done away with. Then I discovered your blog and became online friends w/ you and found out it's only a very small percentage of people that have their panties in a wad over it.

That said, I really don't care. My hatred of the Redskins football team has mellowed since I've become older and care less about sports, then there's how the Giants owner Mara and the NFL commish Goodell conspired against Washington and Dallas and fined them for giving out some contracts in a non-capped year...contracts which were approved by the league office! The 'Skins were penalized a lot worse than the 'Boys and that's one of the reasons I've mellowed towards them.

I still think nearly every Eagles fan is a scumbag with Giants fans being merely obnoxious. I know one thing: if Mara caught on fire and I was the only one by him, he'd better hope I had just polished off a Big Gulp b/c otherwise it's gonna be too bad f/ him.

One more thing: I've heard lots of "n" jokes and quite a few about Mexicans, Jews, the Poles, etc. and they're all pretty bad and shouldn't be repeated, but of all the Indian jokes I know, none make fun of them but rather the stupid white man that's in the joke, too.

The Local Malcontent said...

Thank you, BROTHER MAN, for that~