Friday, August 1, 2014

WHY Doesn't Secretary Kerry INSIST on
a Ceasefire between other combatants?

John Fn Kerry is taking credit for the current, 72-hour ceasefire between the Hamas-led Islamists and the state of Israel.

But why doesn't the U.S. State department urge other fighting parties to cease fire for awhile?
Like, those between ISIS and Christians and the nation of Iraq?  Or a cease fire between the state of Syria and ISIS?  Or a cease fire between the Taliban and the U.S./Afghan armies?

Because of the rule of "the path of least resistance".  The Path of Least Resistance?  Yep, the easiest way toward some goal.  In this case, the goal is Kerry's own version of "keeping up appearances".
He is completely ineffective, at everything that he has ever, accidentally tried:  Like serving his nation in Vietnam, like serving his first wife; like serving as Democratic presidential candidate; like serving his fetid constituents in Massachusetts for so long.  He's a loser, but he's our loser, so we have to support him.

Oh,  ~! what might have been if only Shrillary Clinton had stayed at her job, instead of jumping ship as she did.

But really, why doesn't the United States compel cease-fires on the multiple conflicts around the world, which we've already had a hand in, and not just Israel and the Hamas-led Palestinians?

And, also, why do a couple dozen dead Palistinians not equal hundreds, if not thousands of murdered Nigerians?  Or the mass-murdered Christians in Iraq, Iran, Egypt?

[side note] I am not at home today, but in Oklahoma City for Tax Comm.
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