Friday, August 1, 2014

Worst July Weather
In Over 400 Years

People everywhere celebrate milder, summer weather~!

"WOO HOO~!  It's not 117 degrees Fahrenheit~! on August 1"



Mike said...

I had to buy a new window unit a/c last week, but haven't bothered to put it up yet since it's been so nice. My "old" one I've had but a few yrs hasn't worked right since a crackhead down the street tried to steal it off my porch (during the winter)one night (while I was here, TV going and lights on) and dropped it when I ran out the door. I knew who it was and a week or so later I ran into him at the store and told him to come on back and get it because it certainly was going to be warm where I'd send him if he set foot on my property again.

In several forums I frequent this unusual cool spell is being blamed on man-made climate change. Sure. Hot, cold, no's mankind's fault.

The Local Malcontent said...

You failed to kill a crackhead on your porch???

You need to come see my recroom trophies, Mike.
anyways, need help in putting it in?

I would love to visit you~!