Friday, September 12, 2014

A Blended Scotch, Please~

I do not think that Scotland should vote to separate from Great Britain.

NO Good will come of it; this is not 1776, as when the toddler offspring, the "united" States of America fought off the Brits, and won our Independence.

No, this separation comes at a time when Scotland DOES NEED MORE SELF DETERMINATION, especially with illegal immigration, but to sever oneself from the giant money tit of London, et. al, is suicidal, within the European Union today.
The European Union is ONLY a highly-promoted idea, but NOT one designed or built for long term security of any form.
Sad to say, that a native, removed, former stepson of your mother country should be able to see this, from my distance~, 
and not you!

It would be like divorcing your wealthy mum and dad.... only to have them abruptly abandon you on the riverbank, for good luck.  Instead, you good and fine Scots (whom I envy, by the way), vote NO, NO TO CUTTING THE TIES TO ENGLAND, WHICH HAVE PROPPED YOU SO WELL OVER THE PAST 200 YEARS.


TAKE THIS FROM a Native American, whose family benefits today from my tribe's special relationship with 'mother' Washington, D.C.  
Please recognize the similarities between we two peoples, in this; insist upon greater autonomy instead, in return for staying within the British family.

Heed this:  Some Indian tribes here on our continent rebelled with valor against the push of Anglo (and therefore, Negro) infestation, 
and against Washington, D.C. over a century ago; and today, 
those singular tribes suffer greatly, living on sparse reservations of land, with little economic hope, devoid of resources, and totally dependent upon a bureaucracy hundred of miles away.

As you good folk could be, someday, from your 
Brussels representatives.

***As an uninvited observer, honestly, I would urge you Scots to Vote NO to secession.

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