Monday, September 22, 2014

A Disturbing Waste of Time, Money
& We Taxpayers Paid For It

I am reading from the Washington Free Beacon online, about a musical, theatrical play promoting 'Climate Change' hysteria, entitled "The Great Immensity".

It cost the U.S. Taxpayers, $700,000, by way of a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The play bombed.  Closed on Broadway after three dismal weeks' run.  
In Kansas City, Mo,  "The Great Immensity" closed immediately after opening night there~.  
That was supposed to be the beginning of the musical's national tour.


...  I listened to two of the show's tunes  ...  "horrible" is being kind, in describing them.  
Saying that they are simply unpleasant is to lie to you.

But hey, you paid for it, we all did.   And as we all know, Government does not have a track record of doing anything well.  Especially funding musicals.  
Not unlike all the green energy subsidies we've paid for.


The story revolves around a man named Karl, who quits his job on (the Discovery Channel's) 'Shark Week' TV series, because the show did not emphasize climate change enough.

He then disappears with a 15-year-old girl, an “Earth Ambassador” for the UN, named Julie, who convinces Karl to stage a kidnapping of young children during a global climate summit, on the eminently rational assumption that such an event would make the world act on global warming.

Karl abandons his wife Phyllis, who had been frantically searching for him,
with her hopes to start a family.
In one of the final scenes, Karl gives Phyllis a jar of his frozen sperm.

The play features singing and dancing about a carrier pigeon named Margaret, and lyrics about “sea-soaked teddy bears” and the redistribution of wealth.

One line calls people “stupid” for not changing their life for global warming.

You can see your tax dollars at work~!

The NSF would not say whether the agency considers the nearly $700,000 given to the Brooklyn theater company “The Civilians,” who produced the play, a waste of money.
That is for us Americans to decide really, by calling them and saying so~!
“This particular project just concluded in August and the final report has not yet been submitted to NSF,” the agency said in a statement.

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