Friday, September 19, 2014

Israel Has Been Rocket-Free for ...

There is a simple website where a clock shows how many days or in most cases, how many minutes- that the State of Israel has been unthreatened by rocket fire from Hamas in the Gaza strip.

As of Friday at 6:15 pm, it has risen to over a day-and-a-half, rocket free.  It is the Sabbath in Israel (Shalom Shabbat~!) right now, that may have something to do with the relative peace. Nevertheless, it is such a shame that the truth about Palestinian Hamas is not genuinely reported in the world press.

And someday soon, I suppose, when ISIS or ISIL or whatever is lobbing rockets into Israel from the Golon Heights border with Syria, news media will try to generate a sympathy for those murderous thugs too.  And also, our JV administration here in America will dither and consult and hold conferences, about how to arm the poor 'freedom fighters' who hate Israel and for WH-M it stands.

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