Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maybe, If Ray Rice Had Been Whipped With An Elm Switch

Socialists are angry, & so you should be, too~

What the present, Liberal uproar has with the National Football League regarding running backs Ray Rice of Baltimore, and Adrian Peterson of Minnesota, is incoherent support of both sides of an argument.  Nothing More.

Ray Rice should have been more disciplined with a belt, when he was younger, so he would not slug a fellow female human, his girlfriend,

Adrian Peterson is condemned for doing just that same thing, for his future-running-back-sons. 

Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III

was told by an NFL uniform inspector* not to wear his “Know Jesus, Know Peace” t-shirt before post-game press conference.
What we have here, is the Liberals' War on Men Who Act Like Men.

Next up, Liberals' contempt for Arizona Cardinal wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald,
who dares to complete his college degree at the Univ. of Phoenix, while being the paid spokesman of same,
an Uncle Tom, improving himself over the sudden Latino immigrant Workers, that his team represents.

The 50-year old Democratic Party War on Negros, continues.

Trying their best to control the behavior of their voters, through public humiliation and intimidation:  A variation on the old Carrot & Stick motivation method, always effective on Jackasses.

* you just know, the uniform inspector was a gay guy.

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