Monday, September 29, 2014


the late Colleen Hufford

Of course, he was misunderstood, poor nigger pussy boy from Idabel.

Like your own butt is misunderstood.
We need to feel sorry for Muslims like Alton Nolen,

for he was/is misunderstood, he claims.

Too late, boy.
Sorry 'bout that beheading thingy and all, but you did it, you Muslim POS,
and you know you did.

I bet you got some personal joy gashing Ms. Hufford's neck.  Huh?

You living piece of SH|IT, you abominable, ostracised, evil monster.

You will never ever again be among the public society, because you are a monster Islamist.
All your ilk needs to be locked away forever, starved until you die. In My Honest Opinion~

Only you know how many more persons you will poison with your muslim venom.

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