Monday, September 15, 2014


I discovered something disturbing, yet significant last night, with regard to the YouTube videos that I post here on The Local Malcontent:  Sometimes, after a video has played out fully, the rest of my 'favorited videos' plays continuously until the end of my list of favorites, which currently is 111.

This could be a problem for both of us.... for if you have the (wasted) time, you can see all the things I think are worth saving in my YouTube account.  By the way, at, 
I am known as "AaronXOK".... you'll recognize me by my nickle....

But just a word of warning for others who might use one of their favorites within their bloggies:  All the rest of your favorites will also play afterwards.

NOT that I am embarrassed or ashamed, of any video which I claim as a favorite there~ but you could.  Ok, I'm kinda red-faced about that one, .... , but I have a good reason for it.  

(distraction) Why not check out this amazing video while you forget about everything I just said??!!



Mike said...

I never noticed that, even though I post a lot of videos both in my blog and on Facebook. Maybe it's b/c I don't use my favorites list to post, just post the ones from the channels I subscribe to or associated ones or those that are recommended for me. (some of those can get strange and since I'm the only one that uses this computer and stay signed into most websites all the time, I find that watching a video on a friend's blog or Facebook page will give me recommendations of similar videos.)

I HAVE noticed if I post one after watching another from the channel it will come up as a playlist - I correct those when I find I've accidentally done that.

I'm not ashamed of any videos I watch on YT...and I've watched some weird ones. I don't think there are any with nudity (not that I'm ashamed of nudity or having people know I enjoy the female form)and the more graphic ones, such as beheading videos, are usually quickly taken down.

I don't watch a lot of political stuff - the videos I DO watch the most are cooking/recipes, the "hack" types, a lot of aviation videos, history/war and probably too many cat vids. I also like chicken videos and a while back I think, over the course of several months, I watched every video about haying they had...baling, hauling, cutting, transporting, etc.

I'm constantly adding/deleting channels - some of them post too many and it's overwhelming to go in and see I've got over a hundred videos to watch or clear out from the total. Some of them I delete from the feed I add to a favorites "YouTube" folder so I can catch up with them at my leisure.

You never did email me w/ your real name. I remember we used to have each other's email addresses and real names, but that was a computer or two ago and I've forgotten.

The Local Malcontent said...

Mike, where to start? haha
I am sorry that you lost your cat recently, remembering how close my dog Amos and I were...
and I think you are lucky to have found such a close friend, and made it's life better, and vice/versa.

The video thing, it surprised me too~ not that I or we, have anything saved that we would be embarrassed by someone else seeing; I re-read what I'd written and realized I had misstated what I meant. That sentence should've continued "... could be find it odd, the kind of videos I save."

Send me an email anytime, ol' pal, and we'll resume that part of our friendship!

simple as that. It's always great to hear from you~!!

JB said...

This playlist issue is easy to work around. Just grab the first part of the link, everything before the '&list=' portion, and you'll only play the video.


Hope that helps!