Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rock and Roll Prayers

I had never listened closely to Rod Stewart's 20-year-old hit song "Have I Told You Lately...".

But yesterday I did, and at first I thought about my wife; for it sure fits my love for Leticia Marie Local Malcontent.

But then, immediately, I realized that this is a song of praise to Our Holy Father in Heaven, too, 
to remind rock fans that God is constantly with them, each and every one, closer than their (my) (your) own breath; and wants very much to have a personal relationship with us.

Look at this beautiful world that He gave to us, for us~!

Like another rock song from the 1970s, "Biggest Part of Me", by a minor group called "Ambrosia".   *This tune has been a rock hymn for me for years.* 
Hearing it spontaneously causes me to focus in on God, 
and what He's trying to show me, 
there in my world at that moment.  To become aware of Him, and His gentle guidance for me.

Because He did it once~!~!  And He was/IS awesome for it. I've told this quick story before here on my bloggie, but it begs to be told again, and so I will:

I was driving home from Church one Sunday afternoon, when I lived and worked in Dallas, Texas for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Maybe 1998 or 1999... Anyway, I'm feeling good from the pastor's sermon, the lively, warm fellowship at that church, and I'm listening to the radio as I drive back home to my apartment.
When this song by Ambrosia begins playing.  I already recognized it as a loving song to/from God, maybe a conversation with God, Jesus Christ, and as it played, 
and as I drove along a street in North Dallas,
I shouted out "I LOVE YOU, GOD!!!", out my truck window.
IMMEDIATELY, INSTANTLY, I looked over to my left, to a high school's baseball diamond, and I saw something written in huge letters, on the wood fence of the left field baseline:  
It said, and I'm not kidding you
it read, "I love you too Ron".

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