Saturday, September 20, 2014

Slightly Askew

I tried Number 2, with satisfactory results, as always:  

2. Goglogo:    Ever wanted your own personal version of Google,
complete with a customised logo?


You can type “goglogo” into your Google search bar and hit “I’m feeling lucky”:  
When you do, you enter your name or whatever, into Goglogo’s box, and again hit "enter",
you’ll be rewarded with a search page that has been customised with your name.  
And with Google Chrome, the opportunity to keep this as your start page, or search engine!  
How Cool Is That??

At that website above, I also tried # 4, the Google Translate Boom Box" thingy.
Ho hum, really.  
And #5, "Google Sphere".  Both of these are somewhat Cool, though minimally...

Try entering "Google gravity" in that search engine, and then click 'I'm Feeling Lucky', and get a real surprise!!  Have fun picking up all those pieces...


On the (even) lighter side, this:

I Can't Wait Till They're Half Off !!

~ please have a great weekend, 
may all your teams win, 
and we LMCs wish you much happiness~!!

1 comment:

Mike said...

Back when I was involved in the now-defunct MSN Groups, I used that "colour" font on my home page. There are quite a few free logo sites on the 'net where you can create your own. I was friends w/ other group managers whose groups were graphics themed and they were proficient at PSP but I never could get the hang of it, hence the using the free sites.

I have a few graphics programs on my computer right now, but I made my blog's logo on Paint and Irfanview - simple programs for a simple mind. I keep meaning to re-do my logo to make it look more like a newspaper banner, keeping the "Mom's Typewriter" sloppy typed font to make it look like an amateurish attempt at an online newspaper...which, it actually is, both in the banner and in the content.

I love those Google "Easter eggs" like you wrote about - there are several of them that are cool...and some not-so-cool. I still use Google as my main search engine, but I visit Bing every day b/c they actually pay you to do so. It takes a little over a month to reach the goal I have set (a $5 Amazon gift card) but I've been doing it for a couple years now and figured the other day that I've redeemed over a hundred bucks worth of Amazon credit. They also have a different daily theme, many times it's interactive.

On a different note, I found your Facebook page and sent you a friend request a few days ago.