Monday, September 29, 2014

The "Achmed and Andy" Show

This cannot be good.  
While I admire the courage of Iraqi comedians for putting on a comedy TV show about the ISIS marauders in their country where their Army has already failed, I can foresee disaster, right after the credits roll at the end of the show. (not to mention, the song that the cowboy sings at the beginning of this clip Is really cool- I can't get it out of my head)

But hey, the Iraqis are at least trying something, and that's one more thing than controversial leader Barry Zerobama is doing.

Other skits in the "Live From Bhagdad, it's Saturday Night~!" show called "The State of Myths", include the leader of ISIS reclining on a purple velvet sofa, worshipped by a dwarf with a sword, and another about the town drunk, beating those who consume alcohol - though he still drinks in secret, himself.

I guess you have to be there, to appreciate that humor, huh?

What about the shop owner who is informed that his vegetables with names in the Arabic language which are female in gender, cannot mix with those of the male gender.

Salad, anyone?  'Say, those are nice tomatoes~!"  "I kill you, you evil, infidel carrot~!"
It's a laugh riot.  Tune in early, because there may not be a second broadcast... if you know what I mean.

lovingly filtched from the WaPo.

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