Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Best Thing Ever
To Come Out of Idabel, Oklahoma

The well-worn joke around these parts, says that the best thing 
to ever come out of Idabel, Oklahoma is Highway 259.

Tragically, that joke proves true this weekend. 

I don't have the words to express my full shock and repulsion of the murder of Colleen Hufford, at Vaughn Foods Distributors, in Moore yesterday.

The "alleged murderer", Alton Alexander Nolen, a.k.a. "Jah'Keem Yisrael", his Muslim name, 
is from Idabel, Oklahoma; the capital of  McCurtain County, Oklahoma, deep in the heart of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Idabel is a disgusting little craphole of a town already, always wuz, and always will be.
Nobody goes there, unless they have to.  Idabel is my worst stop on my casino audit stations-list.
Everyone goes in and gets out as quickly as we can, it is that bad, that evil, that much a latrine.

But this blogpost must be about Colleen Hufford.
For it is she, who will always be remembered as the first casualty on American soil, from ISIS, from the abomination which IS Islam.

I wish that I could find more on the life of Colleen Hufford; that will come with time, after she is laid to rest in Jesus' arms.  I'm guessing she was a wife, a mother, maybe a grandmother--
whereas, Alton Nolen was a self-centered, COWARDLY,  nihilist wannabe Negro, unwed father, who thought he deserved more than what he got, because of his perceived position in life.
Never once understanding, comprehending that you get out of life exactly what you put into life.

Truth Revolt (dot) Org has two exclusive stories on Nolen's early life in Idabel, Ok.  
And of course, more will follow those, describing how Nolen was poor and neglected and treated badly, and "forced" to wear his pants down below his genitals like a slave would.

Just like millions of other young men of EVERY RACE, EVERY BACKGROUND, 
and yet they chose not to behead an innocent woman at the workplace.

Islam and homosexuality are growing in our prisons, festering in the midst of the angry, egotistical criminal minds that are justifiably sent there.  Prisons are the breeding ground of Islamic terror.


Terrorism feeds upon, and NEEDS INNOCENT PREY to murder, in order to elicite terror, to elicite fear from the masses.  Make the 2nd Amendment mandatory for every American, and state that Islam is NOT a religion, but a foreign system of government trying to overcome America.  *Nothing less, nothing more, but exactly that.*
Every woman is and could be Colleen Hufford, in whatever workplace, anywhere, USA.
May Colleen Hufford become the national hue and cry, which turns America around
recognizing the internal threat which Islam Is.
That IS The Threat.  and it must be squashed immediately.


Anonymous said...

Unless you know what you're talking about I suggest you shut the hell up ! I happen to live in Idabel and there happens to be plenty of good God fearing folks that live here ! Just because one person that happens to be from here commits a heinous act doesn't mean the whole town is bad ! I'm sure nothing but Saints & Angels come from your hometown !

Anonymous said...

I'm from Broken Bow OK and I am truly sorry for what happened to this lady & my heart goes out to her family. I think the comments above are a bunch of crap just because this man came from here doesn't mean the whole place is bad, there is evil everywhere! I agree that they need to get a grip on what is going on in our prison system & in our government with these Muslims/Isis people. May God be with us all!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Smdh. Who are you? Idabel is such a bad place but you take time out of the day to come visit Idabels casino?! Can't be to bad then! Or do you come looking for trouble?! This town as a WHOLE doesn't have anything to do with the actions of ONE individual and Im not only speaking of Alton. I was born and raised right here in this "craphole" and hunny I'm just fine. There are alot of people that were raised here that turned out to be JUST FINE! Yep.. Like the siblings that he was raised in the same home with. But since you seem to know so much about a town that you "pass through" and that is only beneficial for your gambling habits I'll let you carry on!

Kevin P said...

I was born and raised in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Have lived in various places in the United States, currently reside in Orlando, Florida. I have family and a lot of life long friends in Oklahoma. My family has a very good name in the community! Yes this man is truly a piece of Shit for what he has done. You cannot lump the people of McCurtain Co. Up and even put them on them on the same planet as this man. I find it very offensive that you say all this Considering My mother, My father, and family are from the area. You sir are a real piece of shit for things you have said here! I am proud of where I'm from and of the place I call my childhood home! I hope that your stupid enough to tell someone your name, or say something to the wrong person and get yourself a proper McCurtain Co. Ass whooping while you're in town for one of your casino visits! My name is Kevin Peevy......just in case you think I'm hiding behind a computer post! KARMA IS A BITCH!

Anonymous said...

Lol, don't you think they mean they come to the casino for their job?

The Local Malcontent said...

Anon. #1: You live in Idabel, then you must've also heard that saying, about the best thing to ever come outta there. I'm sorry you choose to remain there; I have to visit your Choctaw casino as part of my job for the state tax commission.
I'd expect more from most readers, but considering where you are ....

Anon #2: You sound (and write) a whole lot like Anon#1. Related?
This is MY Blog, understand? I compose what I FEEL. Understand?
I am simply conveying, that I am both ashamed and deeply disappointed that Nolen hails from Choctaw Country.
He could be from Eufaula, and I'd still be ashamed of him. Defending him is not in me, TYVM. He oughtta die.Soon.

Anon.#3: your gibberish is perfectly understandable, considering where you live, and all.
I come to Idabel to audit the Choctaw Casino, twice a month, and if you had any sense, you would at least get out of Idabel for a while, rehabilitate, and see how clean the rest of the world is. I live in Yanush, on the north bank of Sardis Lake, just north of Tushka Homma, and just west of Talihina (it takes only seconds, to search my bloggie, and learn this, you 4th grade drop out). Feeling anger at my words, proves WHY I AM
"THE LOCAL MALCONTENT", having to deal with you latent, bitching, life-time Democratic tit-suckers.

And you, Kevin P., thank you for your honesty, you courage to get the hell out of our Chahta land,and also your challenge: I have had my share of McCurtain County fights, and I'm damn ready for the next.
Karma IS a bitch, Kevie... but I am unafraid, because what I've said is truth.

I stand by my blog post.

The Local Malcontent said...

And again, to you first three, Identical, Anonymous person LYING COMMENTS:

you prove my point~!

YOU EACH suggest that I come to Idabel for "my gambling habit".
YET, IN THE ORIGINAL POST, I say that I come to to ... "Idabel is my worst stop on my casino audit stations-list."

Did you miss that sentence, genius?

I stand by my post: "Idabel is a Craphole." You'd know that, if you ever got out out of your subsidized livingroom.

Kevin P said...

First off if your suggesting that the first 3 post are the same person your wrong. I know the people that posted. And for you to make comments about subsidized housing etc. Just shows your ignorance. They are good hard working people that have jobs, families , children etc. By bad mouthing people and putting them down, and putting yourself on some high horse, just shows you are a man of low character! You are ranting about a Muslim (Isis), from an organization from a whole other part of the world, yet seems you have more hate for Southeast Oklahoma than this horrible person and his criminal act! ISIS hates everyone that isn't Muslim and especially the American people......we know them for their narrow minded, extremist, radical views, sir are showing to be no better, proving to be a small minded person, who hates Americans (residents of Idabel, Oklahoma) go ahead and break an arm beating yourself on the back, about how much better you are than these day you will be judged brother.....this is all I have to say on this matter. Considering you are probably to feeble minded to ever truly get what I'm putting down! I'll put you in my prayers, because you for sure need them!

Anonymous said...

I too am from Idabel. My family is in mccurtain county. I love my home. But moving to a different state was by far the best decision I ever made. It sucks that so much bad publicity has came out of what once was a beautiful small town. Casinos and drugs have truly changed the town.