Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Sinking of the S.S. 0bama, &
"Down Goes Frazier!"

[That's] shocking — but not surprising. Barack Obama was not ready to be president, and still isn’t. It is a fantasy to believe he’ll master the art in his final two years.

The lasting image will be his yukking it up on the golf course minutes after giving a perfunctory speech on the beheading of James Foley. It revealed him as hollow, both to America and the world, and there is no way to un-see the emptiness.

That means, I fear, we are on the cusp of tragedy. It is reasonable to assume the worst-case scenarios about national security are growing increasingly likely to occur.

Obama’s fecklessness is so unique that our adversaries and enemies surely realize they will never face a weaker president. They must assume the next commander in chief will take a more muscular approach to America’s interests and be more determined to forge alliances than the estranged man who occupies the Oval Office now.

So Vladimir Putin, Iran, China, Islamic State, al Qaeda and any other number of despots and terrorists know they have two years to make their moves and advance their interests, and that resistance will be token, if there is any at all.

So writes New York Post editor Michael Goodwin today.
Read it all, for it perfectly sums up the leadership of the idiot Obama,  here

What controversial leader Barack Zerobama has done to our country is criminal, in my opinion.
For one thing, most importantly for the first Half-Negro leader, he has set back race relations
~at least 60 years~, through his intervention into local racial, criminal matters where it doesn't belong:  Ferguson, Missouri, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sanford, Florida;  AND DID NOT INTERVENE in places where his participation would've mattered:  Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C..

TOTAL FAILURE AT THE TOP is/will be the remembered feature of this era of American leadership.

And that cannot be good for race relations, can it?  When "race relations" is narrowly defined as Black folks and Everyone else.  For what has the first 1/2 Black leader done, but screw up everything?

Black Americans still STILL GIVE Obama 88% job approval!!  That can only be because of the color of his skin.  That is some grave, 19th Century thinking there.  Disappointing especially, when anyone remembers that for 50 years, the Democratic Party has been the party of the under-classes, yet has done NOTHING to advance the total esteem and wealth of their voters.  
All Democrats Do, is Keep Their Voting Block Dependent Upon Government to fulfill their needs, and only needs, 
but never, never offering real opportunities to improve their lives, never ever offering real incentives to become wealthy, never fulfilling their dreams.

For it they would do that, wealthy people of whatever, immaterial race, then become Republicans.

But to stay in positions of power, the Democratic Party has to keep Negros and others, IN THE UNDERCLASSES, they need them there suffering, and so they do not enjoin real economic or social improvement.  That mode of operation has been the Democrats' way of staying in power since Andrew Jackson in the 1830s.  
That's what I mean about 19th century thinking.

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