Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Those Whitefaces Win Again

Overwhelmed by the Whitefaces.  
Call Sen. Harry Reid's office!  Call Eric Holder!
Call Al Sharpton!  

Lovingly lifted from The Pampa (Tx) News:

HEREFORD — The Pampa Harvesters (1-2) traveled to Hereford (1-2) to take on the Whitefaces in their first road game of the season. The Hereford defense, who got to senior quarterback Tyler Hooper three times, was too much for the Harvesters as they defeated Pampa 35-7.  At least, the Harvesters weren't Blanco-ed.

Pampa Harvesters coach Greg Poynor said, “This week I felt like our defense played really well, and we just gave them no help on the other side of the ball on the offense. We just kept putting them out there over and over again.”

They forced Hereford to punt and gave the Harvesters the ball at their own 28-yard line.

After a Pampa three-and-out, the Whitefaces were able to score the first points of the game and take a 7-0 lead when  haf black  half back Brandon Cloud (23) lowered his shoulder and powered over the goal line Friday night.

Whitefaces' Cloud (I'm wading in irony here) had two touchdown runs in the contest.

The Harvesters received the ball and Aaron Arreola took it out to the 26-yard line. Hooper connected with junior Alec McClendon for a 51-yard pass, but was unable to take advantage of the big play. 

In the second quarter, the Whitefaces were able to turn two of their drives into 14 points, while Pampa struggled to get the ball moving on offense. Their special teams on kick returns played well however, as Arreola had unofficially 72 yards on three attempts by halftime as the Harvesters trailed 21-0.

That Hereford defense, which gave Pampa fits all night, was too much for the Harvesters however, and closed the game out for the Whitefaces.

Offended by that team name?  
Well, who the hell cares,
besides you?  Get a life~!

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