Thursday, September 25, 2014

With Emphasis on the "Beer Money", Probably

North Carolina Senate candidate, Sean Haugh (pronounced "Haw"), a Libertarian, is one honest politician--
at least in his "Moral Mondays" video series, to be found at his political website:

Without even a snowball's chance to win the election there, Haugh has tried a very unique tack with voters:  Being drunk,  slurring his speech, and wearing a t-shirt, sitting in his kitchen and talking to voters.

He kinda resembles talk-show host Art Bell, talks and gestures like Saturday Night Live character
"Stuart Smalley" (himself, a gay U.S. Senator from Minnesota), and otherwise makes no sense at all....

except that he confesses to being an Oklahoma Sooners fan.
Even admitting that fact should do him in, in the TarHeel/Wolfpack/Blue Devil state.

He IS  for term limits for news reporters, and I kinda like that novel idea.

Haugh rails against the NC GOP Senate candidate  Thom Tillis, and Washington, D.C., (always, with a frosty, frothy, dark beer at hand, with the can's label displayed):  All fair play so far, but then by choosing a Twitter handle like "Emperor Sean", he could maybe piss some people off.

While Haugh only pulls 6% in instate, North Carolina polling, I hope he peels voters away
from Kay Hagen only, at whom he seems to generally side in his videos.

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