Saturday, October 4, 2014

Funeral Dirge For 2014 Dodgers Fans

At least it's a zesty, little ditty!!  When the Los Angeles Dodgers next visit St. Louis, Missouri, & when they hear this song playing, then they will KNOW, , 
They're Done. Close the Curtains.
They had a good season and all, but
Here Comes The King of National League Baseball, the Cardinals of St. Lou.

Chavez Ravine is owned by the St. Louis Cardinals, LLC.,

starting in October, or hadn't you heard? 

Pitcher Clayton Kershaw (21-3) got his butt whipped in the Cardinal's 8-run, 7th inning last night, just as he does every post-season

In the post season, Clayton Kershaw has a humble 1-4 pitching record for the Dodgers.... 

Guess who beats him with regularity?  Guess who toys with him during the regular season, chomping at the bit to face him in games 1 and 4 in the NL playoff?

That's right,      
We Own Chavez Ravine 
(and Kershaw)
in October.

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