Monday, October 6, 2014

For Democrats, "It's A Lying Game"

That is one of several deceptive methods used by Democratic politicians to be elected to state or national office; other successful, though dishonest methods include encouraging voters of that ilk to cast ballots in several districts under different names, often claiming to be dead people in order to vote; absentee ballots for the dead; paying imbeciles and the insane to vote for the desired candidate (often for the cheap promise of a visit to McDonalds), and the ever popular, though difficult, being a paid-off district election supervisor who has a truck-load of ballots prepared to use in case the aforementioned methods fall short of the goal.
And what is the "goal"?  To deceive.  To advance their inferior policies, against the will of the majority.  No Matter What It Takes.

Exhibit #1:  This video from Project Veritas, made by an undercover journalist for that group, inside the Kentucky Democratic Election offices of Senate candidate Allison Grimes.

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A novice at political office, though a daughter of a well-connected businessman in the Blue Grass state, candida Grimes (oh, say that sounds nasty~) broadly claims that she is for the Kentucky Coal industry, against Barry's EPA regulations, and she can shoot a 12-gauge.  
But in the video, her volunteers tell a different story, when they are unguarded and relaxed.

Think Texas gubernatorial candida Wendy Davis; think Shrillary Clinton.  
Think shrews who only want one thing from you, and that IS NOT your opinion, just your vote, so that they can then quickly forget about you and your miserable lives for another four or six more years, until she/he, they come around again, reminding you that their work is not finished (NOT started), they NEED your vote again.
After they've raked in nearly a Million dollars in tax-payer salaries since they last needed to hear from you.

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Mike said...

Well, first they want your money THEN your vote. After that, they can steal your money.

Project Vote Smart's Wendy Davis' Campaign Finances page has these two interesting contributions:



I'm not very good at predicting things - if I said the sun would come up tomorrow, it would probably go nova in the night, but I predict Abortion Barbie will be defeated in a landslide. I also predict some Texas progressives will weep with despair that Texas didn't turn blue...or at least a shade of purple, but became even more red than before.